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February 26, 2019

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Sweet friends, it is one of my greatest honors to invite a handful of women to my home studio in beautiful Waco, TX every year as part of the Illume Retreat.

If you’re new around these parts, the Illume Retreat is my entire heart spread out in a retreat form. It is an intimately restful experience I created for creative entrepreneurs designed to dig deep into what it means to build an authentic business that’s designed with purpose. And one that enables you to bring heartfelt value to not only those you serve, but also those you love.

This intentional event experience is honestly unlike any other retreat I’ve ever attended or educated at.

Every year I love to open up my home studio to a handful of women and partner with some of my sweet industry friends as we pour into a group of really wonderful creative entrepreneurs who are striving to determine how best to build a business that operates from a clear place of purpose.

Last year, I was honored to welcome in women from all over the country—even as far as England and Israel. Together, we spent three days digging into what it means to create from a clear place of truth and not just creating the kind of work we think we’re supposed to be doing because it’s what see others on Instagram and Pinterest doing. Instead, we focused on creating the kind of work that honors your deepest sense of purpose, your most intentional place of truth, and ultimately can become a reflection of your heart as you build your life’s best work.


It is with so much joy in my heart to share that I’m reopening doors to the Illume Retreat for what is sure to be another amazing experience in 2019.

From October 14-17, 2019 I am welcoming just 10 creatives to beautiful Waco, TX.

Together we’ll walk through an intentional action-based curriculum that guides you through an approach I like to call productive rest.

You’ll walk away with a renewed sense of purpose for your business, a genuine sense of community, and a truly fresh insight into what matters most.

Surrounded by like-minded creatives and warm-hearted industry leaders, you’ll escape from the hustle and pressures of chasing traditional success, while we invest in giving our businesses focus, engage in intentional community and hone in on what matters most.

Be sure to mark your calendars and save the date for October 14-17, 2019 for what is sure to be a sweet time of refresh, relationship building, gleaning practical takeaways, and intentional business planning.


During our time together, you’ll be poured into by myself and four industry leaders who are passionate about equipping you to build the intentional business of your dreams.

This is an experience that is for established entrepreneurs as well as those who are determined to start their business dream with a rock solid foundation.

Since I started the Illume Retreat in 2014, this experience has honestly proved to be an absolute catalyst that propels our attendees onto new levels of success. From five-figure speaking engagements to six-figure course launches, our alumni have used the Illume Retreat as a stepping stone to their own definition of success.

As you engage with our speakers, curriculum, and an approach that dares you to dream bigger—you’re honestly challenged to chase after that which matters most, only in a way that empowers you to create your life’s best work.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what all the juicy details are, and I can’t wait to share more with you in the days to come, but these are the big details you need to know:

  • Our 2019 all-inclusive three-day Illume Retreat will happen October 14-17, 2019 and is limited to just 10 creatives.
  • Registration will open, bright and early at 9:00am CST on March 13, 2019.
  • Flexible payment plans are available.
  • As part of your registration, all of your lodging, meals, hands-on sessions, and a ton of 1:1 time with all industry leaders are included

If you want to learn more about what the experience is like, feel free to click here for our 2018 Illume Retreat recaps.


I’m also extremely excited to introduce something we’ve never done before as part of our 2019 registration and that is a six-week mastermind in addition to your Illume Retreat experience.

This is an optional add on, but an opportunity for the creative who is ready to dive deeper into the Illume Retreat experience with purpose and walk away with clarity on the other side.

This is a six-week mastermind experience through actionable strategy and dependable accountability where we will work together to not only hone your goals going into the Illume Retreat, but also map out the best ways to take action on those goals once you return home.

Together, we’ll navigate the three weeks leading up to the retreat and the three weeks after, alongside your fellow Illume Retreat sisters through an intentional mastermind experience guided by yours truly.

It’s so easy to dream big for your business while you’re surrounded by like-minded creatives during the retreat. But what happens when you get back to your every day routine and those big dreams? Often times, it seems that newfound sense of truth and those light bulb moments take the back burner as your to-do list and daily routine consumes your day.

That’s why I’m most excited about this optional mastermind experience, because there’s no need to navigate this journey on your own. And with the accountability and encouragement from your Illume sisters, anything is possible.

During this six-week mastermind you’ll learn:

How to hone intentional goals and then bring them to life through your branding and marketing.

Client experience and workflows.

How to cultivate a sense of creativity and balance as you bypass burnout.

And how to actionably implement what you learned at the Illume Retreat in your unique business

The Illume Retreat mastermind is designed to continue to propel you forward long after our last day together.

I’ll guide you through the practical ways to navigate your newly defined sense of truth throughout your brand, your marketing and your personal life. All while giving you the space to process your questions and work through your pain points with other like-minded creatives.

This is going to be a truly exciting brand new experience for the 2019 Illume Retreat and I’m really excited to be able to offer this optional mastermind dynamic so we can take what you’re learning at the Illume Retreat even deeper.

You’ll intentionally be prepared to walk into our time together in Waco with the right mindset, set your most honest goals and clear expectations for your business.


In years past, tickets for this intentional retreat experience have sold out so quickly. If this is something you know you want to dive into alongside some of my most amazing industry friends, then I highly encourage you to join the waitlist, mark your calendar for the 2019 Illume Retreat, and be sure to put this on your heart for the year ahead.

This experience is truly one of my favorite things to be able to turn my attention to this fall and to think about the the different ways we can continue to pour into an entirely new group of Illume attendees.

The very thought that you might be one of them fills my heart with so much joy and hope.

If you’ve wanted to join us for the Illume Retreat but haven’t been able to in the past, then I highly encourage you to make sure your name is on the waitlist.

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