5 Ways to Make Your Content Work Harder for You

May 28, 2019

This month inside the Heartfelt Brand Society—my six-month group coaching program—we are focusing on all things marketing and it’s been so fun to dive into this topic with my incredible students. Over the years, I’ve really figured out how to streamline my own marketing process as a creative and learned a thing or two about how to repurpose content and make that hard work and energy go even further than a single post.

What I mean by that is I’ve learned exactly how you can take your amazing content and transform it into other forms of content throughout various platforms that in return can help you continue to hit your marketing goals, connect with your ideal clients, grow your reach, and position yourself as an expert.

Sound like just the things you’re looking to do?

Friend, keep on reading to discover the five ways to make your content go further.

5 ways to make your content work harder for you | b is for bonnie design #marketing #brandstrategy

5 ways to make your content work harder for you

Before we dive into the five specific ways to make your content work harder for you I want to preface by saying: creating strong marketing content does not have to be a painful process.

Through the Heartfelt Brand Society or even my signature brand development process for designers, my students and I get to the part of our work together where we start talking about all things marketing. And in between the eye rolls and heavy sighs I constantly hear their frustrations when it comes to marketing and creating content.

But sweet friend, I can assure you that marketing your services does not have to be so exhausting. I don’t believe it has to be something that makes you drag your feet or requires you to drink eight cups of coffee in order to make it happen.

Instead, I believe that if we dive into marketing with a plan, you can experience your definition of success and you can be better empowered to hit your unique goals without the headache or the time you’re currently spending on creating marketing content.

The Key to Repurposing Content

Creating content that can serve you well is as simple as finding creative ways to repurpose as much as possible.

I think there’s this common misconception within the creative community where we think that in order to be generating inquiries and positioning ourselves as experts we have to create five blog posts a week or hop on Instagram Live every other day or that we have to constantly work hard to be visible online.

But friend, I believe that if we can find smart ways to take a few strategic pieces of content and then leverage them throughout your various marketing efforts, you can see the same if not better results then those who are constantly churning out content day after day.

Curious how you can make that happen, too?

Keep reading to discover the 5 ways to repurpose your content practically so that it will go further and work hard for you.

#1 – VIDEO

First up, turn content into a live or prerecorded video.

I highly recommend taking something like a top performing blog post or one of your most read emails and turn that into a video that you can share on Facebook or Instagram. (If you have a YouTube channel, go for it! But if I’m being honest, most of my own educational clients love to hop on a Live video so they can engage with their audience as they go. From there, they can save that live video and have that on file for future use as needed.)

One great way I drive traffic to my blog is by creating a Facebook Live around a similar topic or complementary topic to a blog post that is going live that same day.

So for example, if I have a blog post going live next week about five ways to elevate your client experience, I would schedule a Facebook Live to focus and dive deep into the #1 way to transform your client experience. Then, as part of that Facebook Live, I would send my audience to the blog post where they can learn the four additional ways to elevate their client experience.

So you see, it’s something as simple as taking content you’re already creating and finding ways to share it with more people. By sharing it through a different medium you’re connecting with your audience who maybe aren’t big blog readers. And vice versa, by sharing it on your blog you’re reaching an audience that may not be interested in joining your Facebook Live.

This is such a great way to repurpose that content and reach more of your audience where they are hanging out online.

#2 – EMAIL

The second way you can repurpose your content to make it work harder for you is to leverage it through email.

When I look at some of the lessons, examples, and key takeaways I’m sharing through some of my best performing blog posts, I find that I often can break down those most popular posts and turn them into more in-depth emails for Boss Lady Pep Talks subscribers.

It’s a great way where I can take a topic that resonated with my audience in the past and either update it, add more to it, or highlight it in a more in-depth way exclusively for my email subscribers. Then as a bonus, I’m able to direct people to the original blog post if they want to learn more or dive into this content in a different way.

Another great way to repurpose through email is by looking at some of your most popular Instagram or Facebook posts and taking those captions and turning them into lessons or bits of actionable education you can share with your audience through email, too.

So don’t underestimate the ability to take past content that you’ve created and leverage it through email.


The third way is to repackage existing content as a freebie.

Some of my top performing emails or really popular live videos are super easy things for me to revisit and extract the big takeaways, actionable steps or lightbulb ideas to repurpose. I can take those helpful pieces of information and repackage them into a guide, checklist, or some kind of freebie that I then share with my list or add to my website to get people to sign up for my list in the first place.

For example, if you’re a photographer and you have a blog post about, Four Go-To Outfit Ideas for Your Upcoming Engagement Session, you could take that even one step further and repackage it as an in-depth downloadable freebie.

In that guide you could give potential clients examples of four foolproof outfits they can wear with their fiance for a beautifully coordinated and personality-packed photo session and include key takeaways, best places to shop, etc. that would set your future clients up for success!

Then, that freebie is something you could go back and add to your existing blog post or create a new blog post around that existing freebie where you can introduce this topic, share some past couples who’ve worked with you, and include the downloadable freebie at the end.

For my wedding or engagement photographers out there, I especially believe that finding ways to repurpose helpful, educational, informative posts you’ve already done into beautiful guides can really serve your audience well.

#4 – BLOG

The fourth way is to of course use content as a blog post.

Now this might seem a little simple, after all, most of the time when we’re creating content ideas for our editorial calendars we first and foremost are thinking about our blog posts. But if you’re taking a look at past content you’ve created and used on say Instagram, Facebook or through email, who is to say that you can’t take that content and now turn it into a blog post?

We shared this example in step #2 when we talked about leveraging existing content in emails, but you absolutely can do the same thing with blog posts, too!


The last way you make your content work harder for you is by using existing content as inspiration for your social media.

Up until this point, I’ve shared a lot about how your existing social media content can make great videos, emails or blog posts, but you can also do the same with existing blog posts, emails or videos for your social media.

If I find that I need to create Instagram content for a month and I am having a day where I’m pulling a blank and have zero idea what to share with my audience but I know I want to share something of value, I will go back into the past few months of my blog archives and look at what I was talking about.

In a lot of ways, I find really great educational content I can remind people of and drive them to those old posts—or at the very least—extract a piece of encouragement, a client example and use it as a case study, or another educational talking point that I can turn into several Instagram posts in the future. Maybe you don’t use Instagram the way that I do, but I promise, you can do the same with so many other social platforms that are out there.

So don’t be afraid to go back into your archives and see how you can repurpose content in that way too.

How to make your content go further for you

Now, friend, I hope this has been a helpful post for you as you figure out ways to make your content go further and work harder for you.

If you’re curious about ways you can continue to grow your business—not just through marketing—but also through your messaging, your client experience, your brand, and so much more, then I highly encourage you to hop on over here to learn more about my signature six-month group coaching program, the Heartfelt Brand Society, where we dive into topics just like this one every month.

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5 ways to make your content work harder for you | b is for bonnie design #marketing #brandstrategy

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