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May 6, 2016

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a few months since Armon and I moved back to our college town of Waco, Texas, and since then it’s been such a joy to discover new-to-us shops, boutiques, and local businesses. Over the summer, I’ll be introducing y’all to some of my favorites new haunts around town, because believe it or not, Waco has a lot to offer aside from Magnolia Market!

Today, I’m pretty excited to introduce y’all to one brand you may recognize from Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market — Summer Ellis bijouterie. For years now, designer Summer Ellis has been creating romantic, minimal pieces that exude a sense of timeless elegance right here in town! Every piece is made by hand and dreamed up in-house, and I’m having to showcase some serious self-restraint in order to not spend all our money on Summer’s gorgeous necklaces, feminine bracelets and thoughtful designs.

After launching her Spring 2016 collection a few weeks ago, Summer graciously invited me into her studio to see her team at work, browse some of her newest pieces, and take home the Solen necklace. In my own personal style journey, I’ve noticed that my aesthetic has subtly shifted from large statement necklaces to more demure, graceful pieces that emulate an organic element. Summer’s designs are an effortlessly chic addition to any jewelry collection, and the knowledge that each design is a true form of “wearable art” makes it all the more special.

minimal, feminine jewelry handmade by Summer Ellis Jewelry in Waco, Texas | as seen on b is for bonnie design

minimal, feminine jewelry handmade by Summer Ellis Jewelry in Waco, Texas | the Solen necklace as seen on b is for bonnie design

On a daily basis, I rarely wear jewelry other than my wedding rings, but the option of adding a beautiful necklace to my ensemble helps me take things from drab to darling in no time. I spend a great deal of my workday Skyping with clients, designing away on my computer, or wrangling Boone into a much-resisted nap, so I specifically look for pieces that will move with me. This delicate, detailed necklace flows well with light layers, and adds a depth that truly pulls a look together!

Summer shared that her inspiration for each collection stems from people and the stories we tell. She views each piece of jewelry as a way to tell that story and bring value, significance and meaning into someone’s life. Her desire to cultivate and celebrate people’s individual stories through her collection truly shines in all she does!

minimal, feminine jewelry handmade by Summer Ellis Jewelry in Waco, Texas | the Solen necklace as seen on b is for bonnie design

minimal, feminine jewelry handmade by Summer Ellis Jewelry in Waco, Texas | the Solen necklace as seen on b is for bonnie design

The Summer Ellis studio is actually located in the heart of downtown Waco in the beautiful Praetorian building. Summer and her husband purchased the building a few years ago, and have since turned it into Anthem Studios, a creative co-working space for Wacoan entrepreneurs! Summer and her husband have such a heart for this city, and are working tirelessly to not only nurture the creative community here in town, but also restore some of the glory of days long past to our downtown area. It’s been truly exciting to see how their vision has brought energy back into this space, and how Summer’s gift for designing thoughtful pieces brings joy to so many.

You can shop Summer’s collections online here, or on the fourth floor of the Praetorian Building here in town. You can also find part of her collection at Magnolia Market, but I highly recommend popping over to her studio to view her line of custom engagement and bridal jewelry. That’s some serious eye candy, friends!

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