Working Smarter not Harder with Kiwi for Gmail

April 14, 2017

Like any creative boss lady, I spend a decent amount of each day in my inbox. Between current client projects, exploring collaboration opportunities with brands, and building new relationships with potential clients, I need to manage my inbox with intentionality to ensure I can do business well. Over the years that I’ve used Gmail and G Suite for business, I’ve always had a million tabs open on my browser every single day, which can feel mentally overwhelming at times. I mean, really, how are you used to keep all of those tabs straight? But when I came across the Mac-based app Kiwi for Gmail, I felt like just maybe things could change for the better!

Working smarter not harder with Kiwi for Gmail | My go-to app for Gmail + G Suite via b is for bonnie design

Kiwi for Gmail is an app that quite literally frees you from your web browser. Instead of managing Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and everything else you might need in multiple different tabs, you can close your web browser altogether and open each component of G Suite on it’s own. Each component, from Gmail to Google Drive, opens up as its own window right on your desktop which makes navigation a breeze! I never have to click through multiple tabs to find the document I was just working on when I can simply select that specific window on my desktop.

I love that I can also manage multiple accounts in Gmail all from the same window. I can see in real time as new emails come in, and I can even select to receive notifications straight to my desktop anytime a new email arrives! I personally have this feature disabled so that I’m able to stay focused during my workflow and nix any distractions, but I love having the option to stay this connected with my inbox, especially if ever I’m awaiting a truly important note from someone.

Working smarter not harder with Kiwi for Gmail | My go-to app for Gmail + G Suite via b is for bonnie design

Creating new events to add to my work calendar is also incredibly easy, as Kiwi for Gmail has unique buttons nestled inside the side toolbar to help you create a new calendar event, compose a new email, or create a new G Suite file with one click of your mouse. I’ve found this feature to be especially helpful when I’m on a client call and I need to quickly schedule a reminder for myself or pencil in a new event for a follow-up call.

It’s been so freeing disconnecting from my web browser without sacrificing any functionality. Never again do I have to navigate 50 different browser tabs or feel chained to my web browser in order to check my email! I didn’t realize how one small change — disconnecting from my web browser and instead engaging with a desktop app for all my G Suite useage — could make such a difference in my workflow. Not only is Kiwi for Gmail easier for me to navigate, but it’s also run by an incredibly involved team. They’ve worked hard to ensure that third-party apps like Boomerang are totally compatible with Kiwi for Gmail, and I’ve heard they’re working on updating their platform so Inbox Pause will function seamlessly, as well!

For any fellow entrepreneurs who utilize G Suite or Gmail as part of your workflow, I would encourage you to check out Kiwi for Gmail for yourself! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this desktop app, and I look forward to exploring its features even more in the months ahead. Check out Kiwi for Gmail for yourself right here.

This post was kindly sponsored by the team at Kiwi for Gmail but, as always, I only recommend products I’ve tried personally and stand behind wholeheartedly.

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