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December 19, 2018

Friends, it’s always such an unbelievable joy to introduce you to a custom brand for one of my sweet branding clients! And today is no exception. I’m honored to pull back the curtain on all the hard work Danielle of Your Sweetest Day Events and I poured into her heartfelt re-brand. From a custom Showit 5 website to a beautiful new logo to the most elevated color palette, you won’t want to miss a single detail of today’s big brand reveal.

Danielle is an incredibly talented wedding planner based in Central Pennsylvania serving joyful couples through bespoke wedding planning, event coordination, and education. When she initially reached out, she was longing to craft an elevated website and visual brand presence that reflected her incredible expert, the heart behind her work, and how purposefully she cultivates relationships with her sweet couples.

Unfortunately, the website she had at that time wasn’t user friendly, didn’t position her as an expert in her industry, and was littered with some unfinished details that didn’t empower Danielle to feel as polish as she truly is! The moment we hopped on our first call, I was blown away by how well spoken, thoughtful, and sweet she is. So naturally, I was dedicated to finding ways to weave that intentional presence throughout her new visual brand!

Custom rebrand and Showit 5 website design for Your Sweetest Day Events | blue + grey logo design | b is for bonnie design

We put our heads together to craft a full visual re-brand for Your Sweetest Day Events. From a custom logo to alternate marks to a robust new website built on Showit, we left no detail untouched during our work together!

Danielle wanted to focus on building a visual brand that resonated with her sweet ideal clients. As a wedding planner who works with established young professionals to craft the wedding of their dreams, it was important that we designed a set of visual touchpoints that immediately helped her ideal clients connect with not only how her work could fit into their busy lives, but also how her experience and aesthetic could enable them to create a celebration packed with unique, personalized details.

Custom rebrand and Showit 5 website design for Your Sweetest Day Events | blue + grey logo design | b is for bonnie design

Through muted shades of blue and grey, we crafted a color palette that takes Danielle’s classic, clean logo and alternate marks and elevates them to something fresh, luxe, and approachable. We focused on pulling in organic details through simple, custom illustrations to reflect symbols that hold personal significance for Danielle. I personally love being able to tie in details like that. Ones that hold an intimate connection between my client and their brand are the ones that truly last for years to come!

We translated her new visual branding elements throughout a custom investment and process guide that Danielle can easily share with potential couples. As a designer who works primarily with wedding professionals, I fully understand all the details and steps that go into planning and executing a custom event or celebration. So with Danielle’s input, I was able to design a multifaceted investment guide that not only walks potential couples through her pricing, but also educates them about what to expect when working together, shares an overview of her in-depth process, and more!

Custom rebrand and Showit 5 website design for Your Sweetest Day Events | blue + grey logo design | b is for bonnie design

But one of my favorite aspects of this project has to be the beautiful beast of a website we designed! From the Home page to the Blog, there are so many custom details packed into the new YSDE online home. Working with images that are as beautiful as Danielle’s are made my job incredibly easy along the way. ????

I’d have to say that one of my personal favorite details on this site is her Portfolio. Danielle has not only tackled dozens of incredible weddings over the years, but she’s also masterfully coordinated and styled several editorials that are jaw dropping. We wanted to build out a detailed Portfolio space where they very best of her work could live.

When a visitor clicks on either Weddings or Editorials, they can choose which gallery they’d like to dive into more. When they do that, they find an in-depth overview of each individual celebration. This gave us the space to highlight more of the heart and vision behind each wedding, share kind words from the happy couple, and show off the best images from that event.

It was certainly a labor of love, but I know this robust section of the site will help pull Danielle’s ideal clients deeper into her past work, help position her as the go-to expert in her industry, and showcase more of the intention behind the work she does.

But that’s not all! During our work together, I was able to help Danielle pivot into a new facet of her brand. We built a separate educational brand just for creatives and fellow planners to provide them with the tools, guidance, and education they need to pursue their dreams!

When it was all said and done, Danielle and I re-branded one beautiful business and launched another. In fact, the educational side of her brand is so packed with detail and heart that it deserves its own blog post! So stayed tuned to learn all about the DJco brand coming soon.

In the meantime, head over to the new Your Sweetest Day Events online home to see all this beautiful work in action.

Are you ready to make 2019 the year you re-brand your business and take things to elevated new heights? Or maybe 2019 is the year you’ll branch into a new set of offerings which require a heartfelt new visual identity! 

Whatever your goals are for the New Year, I’d love to partner together to craft a high end visual brand and overarching strategy that enables you to authentically connect with your ideal clients. I’m currently accepting projects for early 2019, and I’d be honored to chat to see how I could serve you well.

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