Illume Retreat 2019 Registration is Open!

March 13, 2019

Today is such a joyful day friend. I’m thrilled to officially open doors for our October 2019 Illume Retreat!

This is our fifth retreat and I’m so honored to be opening doors again here at my Waco studio to an entirely new group of women from all over the world as we learn how to build a business that operates from a clear place of purpose.

Register for the 2019 Illume Retreat! | b is for bonnie design #illumeretreat #waco

Join me right here in Waco, TX on October 14-17, 2019 as we dive deep into what it means to create from a place of truth.

We focus our time together around not creating from a space where you’re chasing after what other people are creating, or what you see on Pinterest and Instagram—but instead, creating from that space deep within you that honors your vision, your dreams, and allows you to build a business that blesses your life.

At the core of the Illume Retreat curriculum, I’m dedicated to empowering my attendees to understand through actionable education and tons of heartfelt encouragement how they can build lives that are blessed by their businesses. Not necessarily the other way around.

What I mean by that is I am so passionate about equipping my attendees to understand how they can truly be empowered to build the life of their dreams and how their business factors into that life. Not how to build a business that leaves no room for the life, relationships and the people that matter most.

With all that to say, I’m really thrilled to officially open doors to the public today!

Registration opened to those on our waitlist last week, and I’m honored to share that we have just a handful of spots for our 2019 Illume Retreat left!


We are so honored to have these talented, tenacious women joining us for our 2019 Illume Retreat through creative breakouts, small groups, and hands-on sessions! These women will bring so much wisdom, energy and love to the table and I just can’t wait for our attendees to be loved on by these women so deeply.

Katie O. Selvidge – Joining us for another year, we have Katie O. Selvidge who will be guiding our attendees through her signature talk, Assured + Well, designed to empower us to dig deep into our most honest vision for our life and for our goals.

Shanna Skidmore – Next I’m thrilled to welcome back Shanna Skidmore, a financial and business strategist for creatives. Shanna will teach us how to reshape our relationship with money through her signature talk, Money Mindsets, and also break down the idea of creating a budget that can fuel your dreams through a hands-on budgeting breakout session.

Lauren Carnes – I’m honored to introduce our surprise speaker, Lauren Carnes, who is a communications coach, strategist, and photographer. Lauren is a sweet friend of mine who actually was a big part of bringing the Illume Retreat dream to life way back in 2014. We partnered together to create beautiful branded imagery for our very first website way back when and now I’m so honored to welcome Lauren to the Illume Retreat for the very first time in what feels like a true full-circle moment.

Lauren will share her signature talk on Curating Consistency through your Content. This is a talk I’m so excited for because it’s packed with tangible takeaways for curating a consistent content strategy that not only makes you friends, but also converts.

Bonnie Bakhtiari – And of course, I’ll be leading multiple sessions throughout the week as we dive deeper into building a brand that gives you the space to create from a place of truth as we dive into honing your intentions for this experience. I’ll also be guiding our attendees who opt-in for our mastermind experience through that six-week curriculum as well.


Speaking of, if you haven’t heard, there’s a brand new offering as part of the Illume Retreat 2019 experience exclusively.

For the first time every, I’m introducing our optional six-week mastermind which is designed to empower the Illume Retreat attendee to take her goals deeper before the retreat even begins and then move forward with a clear strategy long after our last day together wraps up.

I’ll guide you through the practical ways you can implement your newly-defined sense of Truth throughout your brand, marketing, and personal life, all while giving you the space to process your questions and work through your pain points in the confines of a close-knit community.

Registration is officially open for our October 14-17, 2019 all-inclusive retreat experience here in Waco.

As a part of your registration, not only do you receive incredible content and 1:1 time from our group of speakers and each other, but also, all of your lodging and meals for the duration of the retreat are covered.

This is something I’m hugely passionate about so you can fully unplug and attend this experience without having to worry about anything.

Simply get yourself to Waco and I’ll take care of the rest from here.

Seats are filling up so quickly friends! With only a few seats (like under 4 seats at the time of writing this) and I’d love to have you join. If you’ve been dreaming of joining us around the table at the Illume Retreat, I highly encourage you to click here and snag your seat.

Will I see you here in Waco next fall friend?

I sure hope so!

You can click below to explore the full-payment option, our flexible payment plan as well as all the different ways you can customize your Illume Retreat experience. From adding on our six-week mastermind or even upgrade the type of room you stay in.

We want to provide you with an experience that brings you to that place of truth, purpose, and intention sweet friend!

Take me to the full payment plan!

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I would LOVE to upgrade to a private room!

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