Episode 109 – 4 secrets I use to build high-end brands for my clients

April 3, 2019

4 secrets I use to build high-end brands for my clients. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategypodcast #clientexperience #brandclarity

Hi friend and welcome to today’s episode of the Brand Strategy Podcast. Today’s episode has me super excited because this is a conversation I find myself having with not only so many of my branding clients, but also many of you through Instagram DMs and other social platforms.

So today is all about how to craft a high-end brand. As you experience deeper levels of success within your business over the years, it’s only natural to elevate your offerings, experience, and even slowly pivot to reach a higher-end audience.

Now, if you’re in this season it’s important we take some simple steps in order to prepare our brand for that kind of growth and today I want to share the four secrets I use to guide my own clients through this process to build a high-end brand.


To set the stage of building high-end brands I want to share a few of my own high-end brand clients. Last year alone, I worked with a dream client to build a visual brand and strategy that brought in over $50,000 in just one month. I also built visuals that booked ideal clients for another client within 24 hours of launching.

Those are some stats I can nerd out over all day long because to me they show that the strategies I guide my clients through and the visuals we’re crafting together aren’t just beautiful, but also powerful and ultimately deliver the kind of results my clients are looking for.


2:40 – It’s crucial to craft an elevated brand with the kinds of clients who value your work and have the budget to pay for your elevated services.

3:00 – I’m peeling back the curtain and sharing the four secrets I use to guide my clients through a process that builds a high-end brand that not only hits sales goals, but also connects with luxury clients.

3:30 – Why I believe you can’t strive to create high-end brands simply for the financial gain and what to do in order to gain the expertise and confidence before making this pivot.


4:25 – Secret #1 – Utilize the knowledge that we’re offering an experience not a solution. Here’s why.

5:25 – How to use your messaging to paint a clear picture of what life could look like if your high-end client works with you. I like to call this “the dream”. And how to have your high-end clients visualize “the dream”.


6:10 – Secret #2 is about inspiring emotion. Luxury brands bring us back time and time again because they make us feel something.

7:05 – How to inspire emotion on all your social channels.


7:34 – Secret #3 is that you need to know your ideal client intimately.

7:45 – It’s so crucial to understand who your ideal client is as you craft an elevated brand that meets them right where they are.

8:00 – These are the specific things you need to know about your ideal client.

8:33 – And how knowing your ideal client on a deeper level can equip you to market more effectively.


8:45 – Secret #4 is all about crafting visuals that resonate authentically.

9:00 – When to know it’s important to craft an elevated design vs. a more DIY approach.

10:00 – I’m sharing a real life example of how my client doubled her price point after we created a high-end brand together.

4 secrets I use to build high-end brands for my clients

So friend, if this is something that gets you excited and nodding your head along as I talk about these four secrets to building an elevated brand and you’re ready to get started to build this same kind of brand for yourself then let’s get in touch.

I’m currently accepting custom branding clients for 2019 and I have just a handful of spots available. This year I’m purposely limiting the number of branding clients I take on so I can pour more of my time, energy and creativity into every single brand that I build. Because of that, I have less than 10 openings in my design calendar for the rest of 2019.

If you would like to partner together to build an elevated heartfelt brand that reflects the very core of your life’s work, then let’s get in touch.

And if you’re excited about figuring out what’s next for your brand, then I have a totally free resource for you that is just what you’re looking for.

I’ve created a totally free, fun quiz called the Brand Clarity Quiz.

This is a super fun less than 90-second quiz that will guide you through the next five steps you need to take to elevate your brand no matter what season of business you’re in. We are going to nix the trial and error, say goodbye to the endless Googling and the headache that comes to figuring it out on your own.

Take the Brand Clarity Quiz!


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How to craft an elevated brand for the kinds of clients who will value your work.  | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategypodcast #clientexperience #brandclarity

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