How the Brand Strategy School Helped Her Hit Her First 10K Month

April 25, 2019

Friend, as a designer I believe there is so much more to running a sustainable, purposeful, and profitable design business than just your numbers. I believe the work you do empowers you to experience the kind of work that is fulfilling, that transforms your client’s businesses, and that can be hugely profitable along the way. But I think as designers, we also get into branding because we see the possibility of how our work can empower our clients to hit their goals, too.

All that to say, this doesn’t mean we don’t need these businesses to be profitable right?

I mean after all, they’re businesses not hobbies. So imagine my joy and absolute excitement when one of my Brand Strategy School students last year, Gigi, was on her way to experiencing her first $10K month purely as a result of implementing my strategy process within the Brand Strategy School.

How the Brand Strategy School helped her hit her first $10K month | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #branddesigner

How the Brand Strategy School Helped Her Hit Her First 10K month

Gigi is a hugely talented brand designer based in the UK, and when she first signed up for Brand Strategy School she was honest with me in the fact that she was hearing crickets. For some reason, despite her best efforts, her clients had completely dried up and she was feeling the pressure of generating inquiries, booking clients and providing for herself.

As a designer, I completely understand the pressure and anxiety that can come from operating in a season where you don’t have a steady stream of income or inquiries. So of course, I wanted us to immediately put our heads together to figure out how we could fix this for her.

We dove into the Brand Strategy School curriculum and Gigi immediately started implementing what she was learning in each weeks lesson.


The Brand Strategy School is an action packed 5-week course, but well into the first two weeks, Gigi was already starting to see a huge transformation in the kinds of inquiries she was receiving.

First of all she was receiving inquiries! That’s amazing right?

She was able to guide them confidently through her new process as a part of her sales calls, and as a result she was able to book ideal clients at a higher price point.

Gigi was able to go from a stressful season to a season packed with abundance. She celebrated her first $10K month using my exact brand strategy approach.

Here’s what Gigi had to say about her experience as part of the Brand Strategy School:

“[Before we started working together], all I saw was crickets! But this October I’m on track to my first 10K month! You have been such a great motivation for me, and I can’t wait to apply the process I learned from you with my new clients!” – Gigi

If this is the kind of heartfelt approach you’re looking for to not only bless your business and streamline your process as a designer, but also to positively impact your bottom line—then I highly encourage you to join me and a handful of fellow designers and strategists inside the Brand Strategy School.

This 5-week course is my blueprint for my signature brand strategy process that I’ve developed over the past seven years and it’s packed with actionable education, tried and true tactics, and heartfelt encouragement that’s designed for you to immediately implement inside your own business.

And as you can tell from Gigi’s experience if you do the work, I believe you will begin to quickly see results.

The Brand Strategy School Details

I’m peeling back the curtain on my signature brand development process I’ve used to transform my business from blending in and barely making it to thriving and crafting heartfelt brands that authentically convert for my clients.

And I’m teaching you everything I know so you can stand out in a saturated industry, guide your clients through a proven strategy process, and craft heartfelt brands that are designed to endure.

This content teaches you my one-of-a-kind brand development process for you to immediately implement with your own clients, and just how to position yourself as the branding expert you are.

This 5-week course features weekly videos, actionable worksheets, branding and strategy resources, along with weekly live coaching calls!

During our time together you can expect to learn:

  • How to implement brand strategy to create heartfelt brands that convert
  • How to guide your clients through a cohesive strategy process that positions you as an unmistakable expert
  • How to elevate your client experience
  • How to leverage this process to market yourself to your ideal clients

The Brand Strategy School closes on 4/30 at 11:59pm CST so don’t delay!

You can register here with a one time payment of $895 or 3 easy payments of $307.

If you’re still on the fence and wondering what exactly is all included then I’d love to invite you to come hang out with me live for my free training: My Go-To Formula for Building Purposeful and Profitable Brands where you can ask me any and all of your questions!

Register for April 25th at 1:00pm CST!

I’ll teach you the three secrets to crafting brands that authentically convert like:

Secret #1: How to utilize the brand development process to transform the brands you build

Secret #2: How to guide your clients through this strategy process without a marketing degree or prior experience

Secret #3: And how to leverage this strategy process to market yourself differently

Or if you’re ready to sign up today you can register here:

One Time Payment of $895

3 Payments of $307

How the Brand Strategy School helped her hit her first $10K month | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #branddesigner

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