How to take your Design Business to the Next Level

April 30, 2019

If I’m being honest friend, anytime one of my designers inside the Brand Strategy School experiences a big win, I feel like I experience a big win, too! As a 2w1 on the Enneagram, it’s truly my heart to share my experience, my strategy, and the insight I’ve gained over the last seven years as a brand designer and strategist with others so they can really see their businesses bloom as a result. Keep reading to learn about one sweet transformation from a recent BSS alum below!

If you’re wondering how you can take your design business to the next level, I found there are three actionable ways you can take your biz to heartfelt new heights if you’re simply willing to do the work.

Here’s how!

How to take your design business to the next level. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #branddesigner


First in order to make that happen, you need to define your definition of success. What does success look like to you as a designer? What does a successful business look like to you as a brand strategist and designer?

Challenging yourself to get deep and understand how you will measure success within your business will change everything for you. It will help you identify how you can grow, how you can invest in yourself and refine your process, and even how you can offer your best services to your clients in a way that aligns with your big picture vision.

If you can get clarity on your definition of success I believe that can change everything for you.


The second step to take your design business to new heights is to invest in quality education.

I believe there is so much value in research and bettering yourself. But I think as every business owner grows—and I’ve seen this to be true in my own business—there comes a point when you simply need to invest in yourself by inviting someone along in your journey.

You can invest in 1:1 services and mentoring in order to get to a similar place as your mentor is in life and in business. Or you can invest in courses to teach you a new skill or guide you through a proven process. And you can even invest in group coaching to refine your goals and create clarity in your brand and offerings.

There are so many different quality educational resources out there, but it’s important you define your definition of success first so you can choose the type of quality education that will align with your big picture vision.

On top of that, I would challenge you to take it even one layer deeper and identify your goals in a specific season and then search for educational components that can help you hit those goals.

For example, if one of your goals this season is to elevate your brand strategy process and as a result take your business to the next level, then I believe courses like the Brand Strategy School could be a really great fit for you.

But it all boils down to your goals.


The third step in this process is to choose the path of brave action.

It’s all well and good to have big beautiful dreams to take your design business to the next level, but it’s another thing to actually keep your head down and do the work.

A lot of the time we glamorize growth within the creative industry and we glamorize what it looks like to take a business to the next level.

We make it look easy on Instagram and this effortless process, but in truth it is a continual stream of choices. We have the choice to take action and do the work to see the return on that investment. Or we can choose to stay the course and do the same ole’ same.

But if we choose the latter, we are left to wonder or scratch our heads when nothing changes. In order to experience change I believe we have to bravely put one foot in front of the other and sometimes that’s scary, but if you’re making the wise decision to move forward then I believe that action will help create more clarity in your life and in your business.

The Brand Strategy School Results

Are you ready to take your design business to heartfelt new heights?

Friend, the women inside my signature course for designers, the Brand Strategy School, are experiencing dramatic results as they take their businesses to the next level, but those aren’t results reserved for them alone.

When I heard the kind of growth and transformation that my sweet friend and Brand Strategy School alum, Kory, experienced once she dove into this course—it was transformational and something I had to share with you.

“[Before the Brand Strategy School, I felt my strategy process was] shaky, to be honest. Strategy hasn’t always been a part of my process, and once I added it in I still wasn’t super confident with it. I felt like I wasn’t asking the right questions to get the deep answers I was looking for.

The Brand Strategy School was the exact course I needed to finally take my services up a level. I feel so much more confident in working with my clients to develop their brand strategy not just for the design work I’m doing but to help them keep moving their business forward after the project is over. That confidence I feel now makes this course well worth the investment!” – Kory

Will you be the next transformational story?

The Brand Strategy School Details

Doors to the Brand Strategy School close TODAY, April 30th at 11:59pm EST. But there’s still time to join!

I’m peeling back the curtain on my signature brand development process I’ve used to transform my business from blending in and barely making it to thriving and crafting heartfelt brands that authentically convert for my clients.

And I’m teaching you everything I know so you can stand out in a saturated industry, guide your clients through a proven strategy process, and craft heartfelt brands that are designed to endure.

This 5-week course features weekly videos, actionable worksheets, branding and strategy resources, along with weekly live coaching calls!

During our time together you’ll walk away with:

  • A one-of-a-kind brand strategy process to immediately implement within your own business as you guide your clients through an approach that delivers intentional results.
  • The tools to help your branding clients identify the core of their brand, hone their ideal clients, craft their brand voice, and design a visual identity that’s made to endure. Plus, you’ll walk away with my mission statement formula, a swipe file of my signature brand development workbook, my master resource guide, and my formula for acing sales calls every time!
  • A true sense of brand clarity within your own business, an intimate understanding of your ideal clients, and the know-how to connect with them authentically.
  • The ability to market your services differently as you craft a brand that cuts through the noise and stands out in a saturated industry.

The Brand Strategy School closes on 4/30 at 11:59pm CST so don’t delay!

You can register here with a one time payment of $895 or 3 easy payments of $307. Or if you have any questions you can email me here!

Or if you’re ready to sign up today you can register here:

One Time Payment of $895

3 Payments of $307

How to take your design business to the next level. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #branddesigner

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