My Formula for Building Purposeful and Profitable Brands

April 23, 2019

Building purposeful and profitable brands doesn’t have to be this mysterious approach that we all as brand designers and strategists are trying so hard to achieve. Instead, with a proven brand strategy approach you truly can create your dream design business and build brands for your ideal clients in a way that converts time and time again.

Here’s how!

I’m peeling back the curtain on my very own signature brand development process to show fellow brand designers and strategists just how I’m able to deliver lasting results for my clients and I can’t wait to share with you how this helps me build purposeful and profitable brands.

My Formula for Building Purposeful + Profitable Brands. The three secrets to craft elevated brands that authentically convert. | b is for bonnie design #branddesigner #brandstrategy

My Formula for Building Purposeful and Profitable Brands

I would love for you to join me as I hop on a free live training on April 23rd at 11:00am CST to walk you through just how I implement my brand strategy process to craft purposeful and profitable brands that my clients absolutely love.

From brands that really book an ideal client within 24 hours of launching to brands that authentically impact my client’s bottom line, I am humbled to work 1:1 with my branding clients to build visual identities and craft strong strategies that really yield results.

And today, I want to walk you through the foundation to my approach that will yield dramatic results for you and your clients as well. This formula really hinges on guiding your clients through an intentional brand strategy process that goes deeper than just surface level design.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many designers struggle to build profitable brands for their clients because they can’t seem to get intentional, quality direction that defines the very heart of their client’s brand from the very beginning. Which in turn only allows them to build a brand with half of the information they actually need from their client.


When I guide my clients through my signature brand process, I am taking them deep into the heart behind their dreams for their business. We peel back the layers to the very core of their brand through talking about their vision, mission, core values, and their differentiators.

Through this deep brand strategy homework, I’m able to gather intentional responses from my clients that influences the design decisions that I can make. We also take it a step further and study their ideal client so that I can craft a brand that woos their ideal client from day one as we perfect not only the look of their brand, but also the brand messaging of their brand.

Then, with all this information, I’m able to design with intention.


So why am I sharing my process with you and why is it important to dive deep into the heart of your client’s work before ever designing a thing for them?

Because after creating this signature brand development process over seven years ago, I’ve used it to guide my own clients through this exact approach and the results I’ve seen are life changing.

I was able to go from being like every other talented designer out there to a brand strategist and designer with a proven one-of-a-kind approach that delivers results for my clients.

And because of that, I’ve realized I can market my work differently. I guide my clients through a process that equips them with a clear brand strategy. But more than that, I am able to deepen the impact of my work more than I ever could have imagined. Because instead of creating beautiful brands for the sake of pretty, I am able to build purposeful and profitable brands that are founded on a clear sense of purpose.

And friend, you can absolutely do the same thing too!


If you want to hear more about this brand strategy process and how it’s helped me build purposeful and profitable brands for my clients, then I want to invite you to come hang out with me for a live training on April 23rd at 11:00am CST.

In this free live webinar for brand designers and strategists, you will learn my go-to formula for building purposeful and profitable high-end brands.

I’ll teach you the three secrets to crafting brands that authentically convert like:

Secret #1: How to utilize the brand development process to transform the brands you build

Secret #2: How to guide your clients through this strategy process without a marketing degree or prior experience

Secret #3: And how to leverage this strategy process to market yourself differently

You’ll have the chance to ask me any questions you might have which is my favorite part about hanging out with you live!

If you can’t make it to the webinar on April 23rd, don’t worry you can also snag your seat for our encore live training on April 25th at 1:00pm CST.



My Formula for Building Purposeful + Profitable Brands. The three secrets to craft elevated brands that authentically convert. | b is for bonnie design #branddesigner #brandstrategy

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