My System to High Converting Sales Calls as an Introvert

April 16, 2019

Sales calls seem to be one of those controversial touch points in any creative’s process. Some people love them and some people love to hate them. And I get it.

Hopping on a sales call as an introvert can feel uncomfortable. Even if you’re not calling it a sales call to your potential client, the very purpose of these kinds of conversations is to drive sales to your product or service. And it can be hard for anyone—especially introverts—to enter into those conversations without feeling like a used car salesman.

Personally, as an introvert, I’ve wrestled with the idea of sales calls over the years and for a long time resisted them altogether. But here’s a dramatic truth for you friend. Once I took the leap from chatting with potential clients solely via email to inviting them onto a consult call, I experienced dramatic results such as: an explosive booking rate, a deeper appreciation for my process and work, the ability to book clients at higher price points, and a deeper sense of connection with the clients I was booking.

If that isn’t a case for sales calls, then I don’t know what is.

My system to high-converting sales calls as an introvert. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrateg #clientonboarding

My System to High Converting Sales Calls as an Introvert

Today, I want to guide you through my system of high-converting sales calls as an introvert. I believe this is something my fellow designers will find especially useful.

In order for us as designers to be booking our most ideal clients, doing our best work, and educating our clients in the most proactive way, a sales call should be an integral part of your process.

Now, like I mentioned before, you don’t have to call them “sales calls”. They can be discovery calls, consult calls whatever sounds fun and comfortable and a good fit for your brand. But I do think that in order for you and your client to make the best decision about moving forward, you need to take the conversation off of email and hop on a phone or video call.

As an introvert, I fully understand this can feel intimidating. If you’re a designer who likes to spend the majority of your day behind the computer screen designing your heart out in Illustrator versus standing in front of a room full of people and giving a design brief, then easing your way into the concept of sales calls will make a huge difference.

I would recommend starting with phone calls and then if you feel your confidence building switch over to having video calls with your clients.

It’s going to be such an elevated touch point that establishes a level of professionalism and helps you more accurately communicate the value of your process in real time to your ideal clients.

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Now at this point, you have my full spiel as to why I believe you should always invite your potential design clients onto a sales call. I care so deeply about this because not only have I seen such positive results, but so have many of the designers I work with through the Brand Strategy School simply because they chose to include sales calls as a part of their processes.

The sales call became a powerful touch point that allowed them to position themselves as a true professional, connect on a more relational level with their ideal clients, and more accurately communicate the value behind their work, so they were able to book more projects at higher price points.

So hopefully at this point I’ve convinced you that having a sales call as a designer needs to be a part of your process. But you’re probably wondering okay great, what do I say when I’m on a sales call?

Well sweet friend, I’ve got three ways you can ace your sales calls with potential design clients every single time.


First up, have a script. Now I don’t want you to think that having a script means you have this whole thing memorized and you sound like a robot on your call. What I mean is to give yourself an outline of what you want to say, the questions you want to ask, and how you want the flow of that conversation to go.

If you get nervous or off track, having even a rough outline jotted down in front of you will help guide you back to running that call like a pro. And as a result, will help keep your client in check. Over time, this script will become second nature to you.

In the beginning, I had to hop on a sales call with my notes in front of me every single time because I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss a single step. But after years of doing this I know  exactly what questions I’m asking and the exact flow of these conversations. That allows me to spend less energy trying to shape the conversation and gives me more mental space and capacity to fully engage with my potential client.


Step two, allow your potential client to do most of the talking. This is a common mistake I see many designers make and it’s so avoidable.

The point of a sales call is to help guide your potential client to your most powerful and beneficial offer for them. Or if you can’t find your most beneficial offerings for this potential client, it’s a good way of pointing them to their next steps and maybe even possibly working with someone else as a great referral.

In order to serve our clients in the best way possible, it’s important that we hear from them what they need. A sales call is not the time to go on a big monologue about what’s included in your packages and what your process is like if you don’t first know what your ideal client needs from you.

Allow your potential client to do most of the talking by inviting them into very open-ended questions. Ask them questions that get them dreaming really big about their brand, goals, and  how this rebrand or new brand will empower them to achieve those big business dreams.


Which leads me to step three to ace your sales calls every single time and that is to practice active listening.

It’s all well and good to invite your potential client onto a sales call where you’re asking them to share their heart behind their dreams, but we also have to prove we are actively absorbing what they’re saying so we can establish trust.

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned over the years—not just in sales calls but in any relationship—is that if you can hear someone when they’re sharing a problem with you and you can repeat that problem back to them in a slightly different way, it can give them a lot of clarity in what their problem actually is.

For example, as part of my group coaching program, the Heartfelt Brand Society, the women inside this program get daily Voxer access with each other and with me as an opportunity to ask me questions in real time about what they’re going through.

When they ask me something, I’m on the other end of the phone listening to their question so actively. And although they might ask a question in one way, I’m able to go back to them and say, actually when I was listening to your question you shared this specific problem, but I think this over here is actually your question.

And when I’m able to repeat their question back to them in this way, they’re able to get so much clarity on what their problem actually is and they see where they were getting caught up. They almost always say, YES that’s exactly what my question was and I didn’t even realize it!

The same concept can be applied to sales calls with potential design clients.

Actively listen to your potential clients as they share their big bold dreams, what’s working with their brand, what’s not working, and repeat back to them what problems you see are standing in their way when it comes to achieving their big branding goals. And then from there, swoop in with an amazing solution from one of your offerings that can meet them right where they are.


If you’re excited about this idea about hopping on sales calls and making it a part of your process, but you’re still wondering how to nail those sales calls every single time, I’ve got good news for you.

As a part of my five-week signature brand development process for designers, the Brand Strategy School, I actually include my exact sales call formula and a mini video training that guides you through this process in action as a bonus inside the curriculum.

This is such a powerful free edition to the Brand Strategy School, membership that allows you to swipe my exact sales call formula so you can navigate your own calls with ease, confidence and a proven process.

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My system to high-converting sales calls as an introvert. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrateg #clientonboarding

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