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August 9, 2019

Oh, friends! Today’s brand reveal has my heart all a-flutter. Packed with simple, modern floral illustrations, a deeply romantic color palette of rust, mauve, and moody neutrals, and a powerful Showit 5 custom website, this branding project for Flower Girl Em might be one of my favorites to date!

A massively talented wedding and event floral designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Emily of Flower Girl Em is a creative force like none other. Her heart for crafting organic, wild arrangements that reflect the heart of her couples’ stories, paired with her true talent as a floral artist, come together to present bouquets and installations that set the tone for any event. Which is why I knew we needed to build a custom brand that positioned her as the go-to expert for her ideal clients in a way that honors her signature style.

Keep reading to see how we brought this brand to life!

Modern and organic brand and Showit 5 website design for Flower Girl Em, San Francisco Bay Area floral designer specializing in weddings and events. By b is for bonnie design.

The Strategy Behind the Flower Girl Em Brand

When Emily first reached out, she had big goals of launching a brand that reflected her signature style, spoke to her ideal clients, and allowed her to position herself as a must-have floral designer in her area. With her old brand, she was starting to see inquiries from ideal clients with higher budgets trickle in. But we needed to turn up the “wow factor” on her visual identity in order to make that trickle of ideal inquiries a steady stream.

In her own words, “[Before working with Bonnie,] I didn’t have a brand that felt like me. I… always wanted to refine my brand and have a cohesive look, but I would just get overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make it happen. So years went by without a logo or a true sense of my style or what I wanted to show to my potential clients, which didn’t feel great. I felt like I wasn’t appearing professional in my proposals and email correspondence, and I honestly felt less confident bidding on larger events because I lacked that vision.”

We needed to kick that lack of clarity, visual consistency, and sense of overwhelm to the curb, friends! So Emily and I got to work as I began guiding her through my signature brand development workbook designed to help her get to the core of her brand. In turn, we can build an intentionally designed brand that’s destined to convert when we choose to start with a foundation like this!

Emily shared, “I feel so much more confident and sure of myself and my business. Going through the questionnaires with Bonnie at the beginning where we honed in on who my ideal client was and how I wanted my clients to feel throughout the process of working together was a game changer! I had never slowed down and really thought about those things before.”

Modern and organic brand and custom investment guide design for Flower Girl Em, San Francisco Bay Area floral designer specializing in weddings and events. By b is for bonnie design.

The FGE Strategy in Action

With the strategy behind Emily’s brand nailed down, we got to work crafting an identity that speaks to her ideal client through our use of color, type, and even illustration! I asked Emily what her go-to flower to include in her arrangements is, and when she replied with “Chocolate cosmos!” I knew I had to work that into her brand as a floral illustration. Now her signature mark is a sweet and simple line drawing of a cosmos flower.

Although I love a good shade of blush any day, working on Emily’s color palette was such an unexpected joy on my end. We wanted to pull in hues that reflected a romantic, slightly wild feel. So we went with shades of rust, mauve, taupe, and even a pop of burnt orange that has a true autumnal quality to it. Looking at the FGE color palette makes me want to literally cozy up in a cardigan and run through a field of flowers!

Modern and organic brand and custom investment guide design for Flower Girl Em, San Francisco Bay Area floral designer specializing in weddings and events. By b is for bonnie design.

Thoughtful client touchpoints

After finalizing Emily’s custom logo and coordinating marks, we focused on building out some practical tools she could use to elevate her client experience.

Knowing that one of her goals was to convert higher end couples consistently, I knew that we needed to bring in a handful of elevated touchpoints that would wow Emily’s leads from the start. I created a custom investment guide to serve as the initial touchpoint an inquiring bride or groom will receive immediately after they inquire.

This guide outlines everything from Emily’s approach to floral design to her level of investment to an overview of her process in order to set the tone for a qualified consult with any potential client. Plus, no investment guide is complete without a healthy sprinkle of glowing testimonials from past clients, if you ask me! Gotta have that social proof.

But we didn’t stop there! In order to let Emily’s couples know they are valued and cared for as part of her process, we created a template for custom proposals. Emily can easily update this with all client information, project overview, specific inspiration, and more in order to present a client with a made-for-them guide that reflects their project.

After implementing these guides with new leads, Emily shared, “I feel really proud to send my proposals and client guides out, and I have been getting some amazing feedback since then! I have booked two of my largest events to date since I began using my new branding materials. Which is crazy!”

Modern and organic brand and Showit 5 website design for Flower Girl Em, San Francisco Bay Area floral designer specializing in weddings and events. By b is for bonnie design.

A deeply powerful Showit website

Finally, we created a deeply emotive and engaging online presence to serve as a powerful initial touchpoint with the FGE brand. When a potential client lands on Emily’s website, they’re going to instantly understand her talent, her style, and how her work fits into their wedding planning journey.

We chose to move her old website over from Squarespace to Showit 5 in order to give her full flexibility of the backend of her site for years to come. Thanks to Showit’s fully drag and drop interface, I was able to design a robust website that includes thoughtful details like custom illustrations, as well as unexpected surprises like pops of color or images that rotate through a small gallery when you hover over a link!

Some of Emily’s favorite details are…

“The tones you chose for the site just are so rich, warm and lush, it really feels like me. It’s all about the small details , so the hover features are super fun, as are the small details lining the edges of the page. It feels so thoughtful and intentional. I just love it!”

Build the Brand of Your Dreams

Working with Emily over the past few months to bring her most heartfelt, strategic brand to life was nothing short of a total dream. If you haven’t yet, you have to head over to Emily’s website in order to see her full brand, and her gorgeous work, in action!

Since implementing her new brand and assets, Emily has experienced dramatic growth in the overall scope and quality of her inquiries.

“I have been booking some of my largest events ever this year and I honestly attribute that to this branding project + the confidence that came with it! Working with you was seriously the best decision I’ve ever made for this business.”

If you’re dreaming of bringing your most powerful, purpose-filled brand to life in the months ahead then let’s chat, friend! My 2019 calendar just has two openings left, and I would love to work together to elevate your brand through strategic brand design.

Get in touch here to book your free consult call!

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