The Easiest Way to Bypass Difficult Design Clients (And a Cyber Monday Deal You Won’t Want to Miss!)

December 2, 2019

I get it, fellow designer. There’s nothing that quite takes the joy out of the design work you do like a difficult client.

And we’ve all been there! You’ve know you’re working with a client like that when…

💸 You struggle to get paid on time because the client isn’t honoring your payment plan dates.

✏️ You keep going back to the drawing board over and over again because the client is asking for revisions that exceed what’s included in your package.

🤔 You constantly field requests from the client that she’d ask of an employee, not an independent contractor (which means she doesn’t fully understand the nature of your relationship)

Sound familiar?

There’s good new, friend. There’s one incredibly easy-to-implement method to nix these kinds of awkward client interactions in the bud.

And it all boils down to your contract!

Now, I realize that’s the least sexy thing I could share with you today. But there’s beauty in having an iron clad, done-for-you contract that does the heavy lifting for you AND serves as the bad guy.

If your client misses a payment due date, you get to reference your contract terms.

If your client asks for edits that fall outside the agreed upon project scope, you get to point them back to the contract.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture, right? 😉

If you’re ready to save yourself thousands in missed client payments, take back your time, and lean confidently into a contract that you know has your back, then you don’t want to miss out on this bulletproof contract bundle just for graphic and web designers like you and me. This comprehensive bundle of done-for-you contract templates covers everything from custom client design work to custom website design to GDPR-compliant website terms + conditions! And it’s currently on sale for 40% off until midnight tonight.

Grab the best contract bundle for designers

Through this once-a-year sale, you can save over $500 on this incredible round up of contract templates just for graphic and web designers. But the sale ends tonight at midnight, so don’t delay!

Weren’t planning on making a purchase of this nature for your biz this season? The Contract Shop also offers interest free payment plans that give you access to your purchase TODAY while breaking the full investment into more manageable monthly payments. Head here to get started.

Just interested in covering your bases for your custom client work? This individual contract template for graphic design work is just what you need.

Some of the links above are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission on any purchase through those links. This allows me to continue to provide free educational resources and actionable content for creatives like you! And, rest assured, I only ever share products that I use and love myself, and I know you will, too.

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