How to Prepare Your Brand to Serve High-End Clients

April 20, 2021

I see you, fellow creative business owner. For you, it’s all about having a deeper impact in the industry and in the lives of your clients. At the same time, you want to connect with higher end audiences and earn at a higher level. And with years of experience in your back pocket, you (and your business!) are ready to grow. Whether you’re serving couples in the wedding industry or creating an elevated experience for your coaching students, you’re ready to serve high-end clients.

Serving high-end clients means inviting your clients into a higher level of service, and charging accordingly. That may seem like a daunting leap to take, but never fear, my friend! I’m here today to share 3 simple ways your brand strategy and overall positioning can help you easily transition from where you are to where you dream of going.

3 Steps to Prepare Your Brand to Serve High-End Clients

Understand Your Audience

Before you start raising your rates or diving into luxury marketing strategies, let’s first lay the foundations. To do that, we want to focus on who this “higher end audience” is that we’re striving to reach. For most creatives, they still want to reach a clientele with the same brand values, goals, and sentiments as before. That said, they’d love for that clientele to value their experience, trust their processes, and be willing to invest accordingly.

Create a profile for your ideal client, identifying who they are—their age, lifestyle habits, purchasing patterns, as well as their hopes, dreams and goals. It’s also incredibly valuable to understand their pain points, and consider ways that your brand can alleviate those struggles!

Bonus tip: When it comes to high-end marketing, don’t simply offer solutions to their problems. Instead, consider ways to delight and surprise them! High-end marketing is all about a pleasurable response (joy, fulfillment, etc.) versus a preventative response (meeting a need, solving a problem, etc.).

Let the Price Reflect the Quality

When reaching for a higher end clientele, price does matter. Having a foolproof luxury marketing strategy paired with budget prices simply does not work; to the high-end buyer, it comes across as untrustworthy. Instead of seeing a steal of a deal, they’re wondering what’s wrong with your product or service that you would charge so little. Do research and price yourself within the high-end market in your area, taking your experience, overhead, and supplies into account.

Bonus tip: High-end buyers are not looking for quick fixes or fast solutions to their problems! Instead, they’re looking for products and services that can offer them a true experience. With that in mind, they would rather invest in a quality experience than pay for a cheap, temporary solution.

Market the Experience

As I alluded to in that last bonus tip, it’s the experience that truly matters to high-end audiences. Luxury brands are not so much selling solutions as they are selling a dream. Take a look at the marketing strategies of brands like Chanel, Land Rover, or Telsa; they’re marketing the status, beauty, and enjoyment their products can bring, and people are absolutely willing to pay up. Although few of us are planning to sell luxury electric cars, the same approach still applies: paint a vivid picture for your audience of the experience they will receive when they work with you. Your audience isn’t so much buying your product or service as they are investing in the emotional, physical, and sensory experience that comes with it.

Bonus tip: As you craft a desirable experience that will draw clients in and delight them at every turn, weave your brand’s story throughout. Integrating your brand’s values, heart, and mission into every touch point builds an emotional brand/consumer connection that breeds loyalty. Plus, it gives your clients the opportunity to deeply resonate with your brand at the core. This is one of my favorite things to do with my own custom branding clients!

Feeling ready to grow your business and serve high-end clients? Friend, I would love to help you!

With over nine years of brand design and strategy experience, I specialize in crafting elevated visual identities founded on a clear brand strategy that position you as the go-to expert your ideal clients need. So if you’re in a season of growth and ready to level up your brand to connect with higher end clients (and, as a result, raise your rates and earn more!) then let’s chat, friend. Head here to book a totally complimentary consult so we can talk about your brand, your goals, and how I could potentially serve you well!

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