How to Elevate Your Brand During Your Off-Season

February 8, 2022

Calling all wedding + events pros! This off-season before your 2022 wedding season fully kicks off is such a prime opportunity to pour back into your business and elevate your brand. Before the busy work weeks and long wedding weekends pick back up, now is the time to take a look at your own business goals for the New Year and plan intentional action steps to make them happen.

In the ten years that I’ve worked almost-exclusively with wedding and event pros through my custom brand design and strategy services, I’ve seen how strategically leveraging your slower season can help set you up for long term success.

If you’re wanting to take intentional action now that delivers a big payoff in the coming months, then this post is for you, friend!

Utilizing Your Off-Season to Elevate Your Brand

Leverage Slow Seasons for Internal Business Growth

For my photographers, event planners, floral designers, venue owners, and all wedding and event professionals, the off-season gives you an amazing opportunity to look back at how far you’ve come in the last year.

Hopefully you’ve had an amazing season and you knocked your 2021 goals right out of the park! But now is the time to turn your energy to the 2022-2023 season and think about the ways your brand can help you reach your goals in Q1, Q2, and beyond. So first, let’s look at your goals.

Do you want to book more high-end clients? Then crafting an elevated brand will help position your business and get your work in front of those people.

Do you want to book more ideal clients? Well then perhaps a heartfelt brand that shares the core of your life’s work will speak to the heart of those dreamy clients you want to serve.

Whatever your goals are, I highly encourage you to look at your branding—and I don’t just mean your visuals—and ask yourself, is my brand propelling me in the direction of my goals? Or is it holding me back in some way? If you’re feeling held back by your brand, this is clear sign to rebrand or refresh your brand to eliminate any bottlenecks.

Showcase Recent Work to Generate Quality Leads

One of my favorite things about the off-season is that you have all the incredible work you did in 2021 to work into your new collateral!

Whether that means weaving in gorgeous new photos of the weddings you shot throughout your website, or updating your welcome guide with beautiful events you designed last year—this is an amazing chance for you to highlight your best (and most recent) work.

Every year, so many of my incredible former clients reach out at this time of year to enlist my help in updating the portfolios on their websites, client guides, and any other marketing touch points.

Whether you’re getting professional design help in making these updates or you’re tackling them yourself, don’t overlook the potential that your most recent work has to help you generate high quality leads.

Show off the work you love the most in order to attract similar clients in the future!

Captivate Your Ideal Client at the Right Time

Based on how the pandemic has impacted the wedding and event industry over the past few years, I know many of you are fully booked (or almost there!) for 2022. So the couples who got engaged over the holidays are looking further out to 2023-2024 to book their venue and their dream wedding vendors.

Elevating your brand at this time of year gives you the chance to get out of front of your ideal clients while they’re still searching for their dream vendor team.

With that in mind, rebranding during the off-season gives you the chance to launch a beautiful, strategic new brand, right at the right time! They are aware they need a photographer, wedding planner, or any other vendor to make their big day everything they’ve dreamt of and more. So this is the perfect time for you to showcase your work and show them how you can fit into their big day.

Hoping to Elevate Your Brand This Off-Season?

Friend, if you’re ready to elevate your brand to captivate your ideal clients, then I’ve got you covered!

For 10+ years, I’ve specialized in crafting strategic visual brands that enable you to connect authentically with your ideal clients. And it would be an absolute joy to help bring your brand to heartfelt new heights this year!

Get in touch to schedule a free call, where we’ll chat through how we can elevate your brand with intention, enabling you to accomplish all your incredible goals.


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