How To Captivate Your Ideal Client Without Hustling On Social Media

June 28, 2022

For many designers, social media is a great place to captivate your ideal client. That said, not all designers love using social media, and not all of your ideal clients enjoy spending their time searching for their dream brand or website designer on those apps! Plus, you’ve probably heard the now-overused adage in the past, “What happens if Instagram/TikTok/Facebook went away tomorrow?” 

If you feel attracted to the idea of being able to captivate your ideal client on whatever platform you choose in a way that feels relational, authentic, and—dare I say it—fun, then you’re in the right place, friend. Keep reading to learn about my preferred method to captivate your ideal clients without hustling on social or creating constant content.

How To Captivate Your Ideal Client Without Hustling On Social Media

Let’s be clear. I love social media. I think it’s a fabulous way to connect with industry friends, keep up with family members, and connect with potential clients. But it’s certainly not the only lead generation source I use to reach my business goals!

Focus on quality over quantity

Like I shared in this recent blog post, generating consistent clients isn’t so much about the quantity of content you’re sharing. Yes, it is important to be visible and discoverable to your ideal clients online, so you do need to show up! But you don’t need to show up multiple times per day or even daily, in some cases. 

Rather than spending your energy on creating a lot of content, I’d encourage you to spend your energy creating quality content. What I mean by this, is the kind of content that your ideal client will find valuable. Fewer posts of a higher quality will do more for you than lots of posts that were hastily thrown together. 

Take this as your long-overdue permission slip to create higher quality content even if that means you end up posting less. Quality content has a higher chance of being shared than the alternative, too. So if your goal is to create relatable content that your ideal client will find valuable, and that they will have a higher chance of saving for later or sharing with others, then this method will serve you better. 

Make it about them, not about you (speak to their values, interests, and struggles)

In addition to creating quality content that resonates with your ideal client, go the extra mile to ensure that your content is more about them than it is about you. How do we do this, you might be wondering? Well, you speak to their values, interests, and struggles.

Through your social content, you want for your ideal client to feel aligned over values that you both share. You also want them to have their interest piqued (i.e. your content should be relevant to them). And on top of that, you also want them to feel validated. One easy way to do that is to show them that you understand their struggles and are here to help.

Showcase your expertise to captivate your ideal client

Which then lays the foundation for you to share just how your expertise, knowledge, and skillset allows you to help them achieve their goals! 

It’s not enough to just tell your ideal client, “Hey, I get it! You’re struggling with A, B, and C in your business. That’s a bummer!” Instead, we want them to know that we not only get it, but that our past professional or personal experiences uniquely equip us to guide them on their journey to overcome their current struggles or obstacles. 

As a designer, you can use your work to help your clients increase sales, experience more consistent connection with their ideal clients, or even feel a deeper sense of confidence in the way they’re presenting their business to the world. And by talking about your signature method, the past wins you’ve helped other clients achieve, or even the wins you’ve been able to achieve by being your own client go such a long way to creating a sense of trust between you and your audience. 

Create clear, easy to follow ways to work together

Now we have the opportunity to outline the next steps so your ideal client knows exactly how to connect with you. In an online space where consumers are constantly inundated with choices and decisions, we want to make it as easy as possible for your ideal client to take the next step to inquire about your services or even book you.

In your posts, be sure to outline how your ideal clients can work with you. This can be as literal as working an Instagram carousel or blog post into your content calendar outlining your current services, availability, and how folks can learn more. 

Whether you’re pointing people to a contact form, a Calendly booking page, or an application, eliminate the barriers they might otherwise encounter that would deter them from getting in touch. Share exactly what action you want them to take, where they need to go, and what they can expect afterwards so there’s no confusion. 

Trust me, including clear calls to action in your posts may begin to feel redundant. But please remember that just because you’re ready to sell your services, that does not mean that your ideal client is actively ready to invest with you. It takes time for your audience to become primed enough to take the next steps you’re looking for. So give them ample options to get in touch, and remind them regularly so your services and brand will stay top of mind. 

Captivate Your Ideal Design Client

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