Episode 231: How To Use Manifestation & Law of Attraction in Your Favor in Life & Business with Kristin Richards

July 20, 2022

Do you have big dreams for your life and business that you’re struggling to achieve? Manifestation could be an approach you haven’t considered. In today’s episode, certified mindset and success coach, Kristin Richards joins us to discuss the power of manifestation, law of vibrations, and law of attraction. She shares some valuable insight into how each works, steps to getting started consciously practicing them, and encouragement for those who are looking to overcome limiting beliefs.

Meet Kristin

Kristin Richards is certified mindset & success coach for creative women who want to expand beyond their false limitations and create lives and businesses fully aligned with who they are meant to be.

She is also the owner of the branding and web design agency Girlboss Designer, and host of the Align & Amplify podcast.

Kristin combines her applied knowledge of manifestation, the law of attraction, and certifications in NLP and Human Design to guide you on your journey to own your mindset, reclaim your power, set yourself up to thrive in your business, and attract your success.

What is Manifestation & Law of Attraction?

There are some really powerful tools within the schools of thought, including manifestation law of attraction, and law of vibration.

Manifestation is when something from your imagination is then created in your reality. You think about it, then it’s here.

Law of attraction is when we are attracting into our reality, what we’re focusing on. Where your focus goes, that’s what you are attracting. This is actually secondary to the law of vibration.

Law of vibration takes a more scientific approach in that we are all energy, and we as beings have a vibration. There are different levels of vibration and similar vibrations attract each other. Consider high vibes of joy, love and happiness, versus low vibes of guilt, insecurity, fear—each will attract vibes with similar vibrations.

You’re Already Manifesting

One of the more common questions that Kristin gets in her experience is, “How can I start manifesting?” Surprise, you already are. You were intentional in the life you’ve created for yourself, whether you were aware of it or not. The key is to always be intentional.

Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Your limiting beliefs will keep you from manifesting it. For example, imagine that you want to make six figures in your design business, but you may not realize that you have one of the following limiting beliefes:

  • You have to work really hard to deserve the money.
  • You might have been taught from your parents, that money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • You’re going have to work 60 hours a week to be successful in your business.
  • It’s selfish to charge more.
  • It’s selfish to even want to make more.
  • and more.

How to Spot Limiting Beliefs

An easy way to kind of spot limiting beliefs or look for when you’re thinking or saying phrases that have words like can’t, shouldn’t, won’t—these things that it’s creating a rule:

  • I can’t do that.
  • They won’t do that.
  • I shouldn’t do this.

Normally these things are not true at all. They’re just made up rules that we were either taught from our parents or caregivers and these phrases come out where we’ve put limitations on ourselves or rules on ourselves.

Reframing Your Relationship with Limiting Beliefs

You may not realize what your limiting beliefs are or how to combat them, but here are a few approaches to reframing your relationship with limiting beliefs:

  1. Noticing them and accepting them. We all have them and it’s totally normal.
  2. Ask yourself, “Is it true?” Can you find evidence of it?
  3. Ask yourself, “What do I want to think or feel instead?”

This can take time, because your conscious mind may believe one thing and your unconscious is still believing the opposite.

NLP & Subconscious Mind Techniques

Our conscious mind only makes up 5% of what is going on in our mind. You can utilize NLP or subconscious mind techniques to tap into the other 95% of your mind. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with these techniques, from shifting a belief from what you are believing now to what you want to believe or even implant a goal into your subconscious mind in the future.

Focusing on What You Want

A major struggle with manifestation is that people tend to focus on what they don’t want because they’re frustrated with it. So by shifting your focus, you can change how you’re feeling and attract the things you want.

Incorporating Manifestation into Your Daily Life

An easy way to incorporate manifestation into your daily life is through reflection through meditation or journaling. Tap into what you want and begin to visualize it. Additionally, visualize what will get you there, because that’s what will bring to surface those feelings. Then the law of vibration will come into play with the high and low vibe. It’s putting you in the vibration of having the thing that you wanna create.

Manifestation Exercise Example

A big goal in the entrepreneur space is having a six figure business—if you wer to manifest this, here’s how you’d approach it:

  • Think about how you as a six figure business owner would be feeling.
  • What would you be focusing on?
  • What skills would you have at that level?
  • What habits or routines would you have?
  • What decisions would you make?
  • What would you let go of?
  • Bring yourself to more positive thoughts.
  • Don’t use negative words in your mantras.

Encouragement in Manifestation

If you’re ready to start manifesting in your life, the first step you need to do is take 100% accountability for everything in your life. We call this being at cause for your life. We can blame outside sources for why things are the way they are in your life, but when you take accountability for everything, it puts the power in your hands to take your life where you want it. This gives you the confidence to know that you can create the change. Now, you can start manifesting.

Create your most aligned goals this year—so you can scale your creative business while enjoying you LIFE too. Forget the typical goal setting, let’s create change in your life that is in line with your deepest visions, desires and life.

Catch the Show Notes

Get to Know Kristin & Her Work (3:03)

What is Manifestation & Law of Attraction (7:40)

Law of Vibration (8:18)

How to Remove Limiting Beliefs (17:55)

Manifestation in the Day-to-Day (22:03)

Law of Attraction (29:27)

Encouragement (34:19)

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Friends. Welcome back to the brand strategy podcast, where today we are talking about how to use manifestation and the law of attraction in your favor in life and business. With Kristin Richards, I’m really excited about today’s episode, because I think this is such a powerful topic and actually, you know, se series of topics for us to be exploring when it comes to how we are utilizing different methods of calling in the kinds of results and the kind of growth that we wanna experience in our businesses. And I’m extra excited because today’s guest Kristin Richards is such a fantastic individual to guide us through this conversation. She’s a certified mindset and success coach for creative women who want to expand beyond their false limitations and create lives and businesses that are fully aligned with who they are meant to be. She is also the owner of the branding and web design agency, girl, boss designer. So fellow designers as well, and she has her own podcast where you can find her over at the align and amplify podcast. She has a background in the law of attraction. She has her certifications in NLP and human design, and she leverages also her applied knowledge of manifestation to guide you on your journey, to own your mindset, reclaim your power, set yourself up to thrive in your business and attract your success. So man, with credentials like that, an experience like that, Kristen, I know that you are

. I think that was a big intro. Geez.

you are going to be the perfect person to guide us through this conversation today. So, um, with that being said, welcome with the show. Thanks so much for coming on and joining me.

Yes. Thank you so much for having me. And I cannot wait to talk about all things manifestation. It’s one of my favorite things to talk about.

Mm. I love it. Wow. I know that at this point, we’ve heard a little bit about what you do, but I’d love it. If you’re comfortable sharing, what, what attracted you to human design to NLP, to learning more about these universal laws and manifestation and, um, you know, applying that to the work that you do as a certified mindset and success coach.

Yeah. So this has nothing to do with my background, which is funny. Um, I have a graphic design background used to work for a company as an art director, ended up creating girl boss designer, doing branding and web design and just had nothing to do with any of this world. And then as I got further, along in my journey and I started to get more into self development, I honestly couldn’t even remember the succession of like how it happened. It’s almost like when you start following those little nudges that you get and kind of your curiosity, and then you go down a rabbit hole. And that was like me for the past few years. Like one thing just led to the other thing led to the other thing. I think it was, I started to get into listening to life coaching podcasts, and that led into a lot more of just like self-awareness and understanding thought work.

And then somewhere along the lines, I really got obsessed with the manifestation concepts. A lot of people learned about manifestation maybe from there’s a movie called the secret, which I don’t know if you saw that a lot of people have. I didn’t see it until I was older. And it seems like kind of an old time hokey movie I think it’s on Netflix. Uh, I ended up watching that. I’m like, what is this crap? And then I dove in further and just honestly, just tons of research and signing up for programs and studying. And then the more I got into this whole world, the more I discovered more things like human design and mind mindset work NLP, which is neurolinguistic programming, which is all about the language of our subconscious mind, which is very connected with manifestation because we’re, well, we’ll get into that in a minute.

I know the whole explanation. Um, so really it’s just been years of a rabbit hole that I’ve been in and I just keep going deeper and I’ve just fallen in love with this whole self development world. It’s why I decided to become a coach and I didn’t wanna leave behind my design, uh, business. I just decided I wanted more of an agency style where I was not being the one actually doing all the work. And now I’m more of our creative director plus like marketing and sales for the business. And I have a team that does most of the design work. So it kind of creates the space where I’m able to do both. And yeah, I know it’s not a very straightforward, like I went to school for this type of answer. , it’s just a series of following my curiosity pretty much. Mm-hmm

I love that though. And isn’t that always, I’m not always, I don’t wanna, you know, make that kind of a generalization, but oftentimes I think so many people can resonate with that sort of experience where one thing seems to lead to the next, and there’s almost like the, this little trail of breadcrumbs that, that led us to where we are or where we’re going. And it’s not always this clear, direct, like I I’ve had this clarity since I was a little kid about what I wanted to do. And so that I went to school for it and I got all, you know, like it’s, it’s usually not that that cut and dry. I mean, if it is, that’s fantastic, but I think there’s something so, um, so beautiful about normalizing kind of the non-traditional journeys that we experience as entrepreneurs, where especially in this age where we’re able to create online businesses and pursue different passions.

I think it’s really powerful that, uh, as you, in, in your journey, especially like you started learning more about self-awareness self-development personal development and that then just through your own pursuing your, that own curiosity and exploring that, that has now led you to being a certified mindset and success coach and having this, this business where this is, this is what you’re coaching, uh, you know, creatives to experience. And I think that, um, yeah, that’s just, that’s fantastic. So I can, I can totally relate with that journey. I, I, you know, say, I’ve said many times before that I consider myself to be an accidental entrepreneur. So getting into this business, wasn’t exactly, always a part of my life plan. So I think a lot of folks can relate to that too. Yes. But, um, with what you were saying about how you started getting into more of these modalities and more of these schools of thought about, you know, different things like manifestation and you were talking about NLP and how that can be a really powerful tool about manifestation before we get into any of that, let’s kind of back up a little bit and talk about for those who might not be familiar with the law of attraction or those universal laws, and they might not be very familiar with manifestation.

Can you share a little bit more about what those concepts are and what they include?

Yeah, for sure. So manifestation is pretty much just when something from your imagination is then created in your reality. So at some point you’re thinking about it and all of a sudden it’s here. That’s like a very basic way to describe it. Um, so you’ll see people online. Like I manifested this car or I manifested this free trip or whatever it might be. And then as far as the law of attraction, this is when we realize that we are attracting into our reality, what we’re focusing on. So it’s where the focus goes. That’s what you are attracting. And the law of attraction is actually comes secondary to another law, which is the law of vibration, which is, and this is my get sciencey. I don’t know everything is energy, right? So we’re made up of like Adams and all these things that are like vibrating, if you break it down.

And so we as being have a vibration and there’s different levels of vibration and like vibrations attract each other. So this is where the phrase you might hear like high vibe or low vibe. That’s said a lot. This is where this comes from because you’ll have someone, if someone’s in more of a high vibrational state, which would, might be feelings of love, joy, empowerment, happiness, like all those high vibe feelings, they’re gonna attract more of a high vibe experience. So positive experiences on the opposite side of that. Someone who might be in a low vibe state, or low vibrational state, things like feeling guilt insecurity, fear, worry, they’re gonna attract more low vibrational experiences. So we are attracting not only what we’re focusing on, but we’re attracting also how we’re feeling. We’re attracting a step below this. A lot of people make the assumption or mistake that it’s what we’re thinking, but it’s actually a step deeper where we are attracting what we believe.

So I’ll get into that in like in a second, there’s so much to get into. So I wanna just take it like step by step something to know though about manifestation is that some people might say, how can I be better at manifesting? Or how can I start manifesting? And you’re already manifesting like everything that’s in your life right now, you manifested it. It’s just to do intentionally create your reality pretty much. So it’s not about being better. It’s about being more intentional with what we wanna create. So we can attract that into our life based on our beliefs, based on our thoughts and our beliefs are the things that are, you know, creating basically the vibration that we have, the feelings that we have are going back to those beliefs, which stems from our subconscious mind. So I’m gonna pause there and let you see if you have any questions. Cause I know it’s a lot

Yeah. I mean, I love that you are breaking this down in such a, you know, kind of step by step way so that, um, we’re able to really look at and sort of examine these individual components that make up this process of manifestation and how of curiosity when I’m sitting here and absorbing what you’re sharing. And I will say, I am somewhat familiar with what we’re talking about today. Certainly would not consider myself to be an expert and, uh, in full transparency, this is something that I’ve gotten into, uh, within the last couple of years. So something that is still relatively new to me and I find it so fascinating that our beliefs can shape our, our experiences, that something so deep and so personal. And so internal can show up in the way that we’re experiencing the world around us. And I think that, um, something that I have been exploring, just not only on my own personal journey, but also even just through conversations with, uh, my therapist, even how much about our worldviews or our beliefs or our values are shaped by the world around us, by parents or teachers or family members or society.

And so I, I find that, um, for me personally, starting to develop that self awareness of my subconscious beliefs and what those are saying and what those are bringing into my life, being aware of that has been, uh, personally very freeing, a very, uh, a very powerful journey for me. So with that being said, when we think about how our beliefs are shaping what we’re able to manifest and what we’re calling into our lives, what are some ways that we can start to as business owners, maybe we develop more just noticing or we’re begin to practice being aware of what some of those beliefs that we hold might, might be.

Yeah, so the beliefs were especially on the pro for are the limiting beliefs because the limiting beliefs are, what’s going to create this kind of block. If you wanna call it a block to creating what you wanna create. Mm-hmm, someone might want to make six figures in their design business, but they might not realize they have a belief that they, number one have to work really hard to deserve the money. They might have been taught from their parents, that money doesn’t grow on trees, and they’re gonna have to work 60 hours a week to be successful in their business. It’s selfish to charge more. Um, it’s selfish to even want to make more like there’s so much that could be under there. That could be blocking what we wanna create as far as our beliefs go. So an easy way to kind of spot limiting beliefs or look for when you’re thinking or saying phrases that have words like can’t, shouldn’t, won’t kind of these things that it’s creating a rule.

I can’t do that. They won’t do that. I shouldn’t do this. Normally these things are not true at all. They’re just like made up rules that we were either taught from our parents. Our parents have a huge, or our caregivers, whoever took care of you when you are from age one to seven is when we are most susceptible to developing these subconscious beliefs. Cause that’s when like our subconscious mind is just like a sponge soaking up everything. It doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not true. It takes in like everything as truth. So we could be soaking up all these beliefs from our parents and people around us. And we don’t even realize that they’re there. And then these phrases come out where we’ve put limitations on ourselves or rules on ourselves, you know, it’s selfish to ask for help. It’s um, I should be able to do all of this on my own.

I come up with so many there’s so much, but just paying attention to those little words is a really great way to spot the beliefs and to just sit and reflect on them. At two, I find it’s not as easy to, for someone to be like, what are your limiting beliefs? And you can just write them down, um, because it’s so ingrained in us. Like it’s so underneath what we’re conscious of a lot of the time. So it’s more so just being aware and notice when phrases like that come up, notice when you’re creating a thought or a rule around yourself that isn’t actually true. And that’s just a really easy way to start to become aware of what beliefs you might have. And also listen to what your parents say. I know I’ve worked through definitely limiting beliefs surrounding money when it comes to the way I was brought up there.

You know, I remember my, and she’ll probably, well, she’ll never listen to this anyways, but , my mom would say things like, oh, you, you just don’t need that. Like if you don’t need to spend that much on that, or there’s, there’s just one thing that stuck out to me so hard. One time when, uh, we were watching some type of travel show, I was at my mother’s house where I am right now, recording this visiting. And I remember saying, this is before I left my job and traveled abroad and then ended up moving abroad. I hadn’t traveled overseas. And I was so ready to, I was so over it. And I was looking at these beautiful places on the TV. And I was like getting annoyed. Like I wanna go there, like, I need to go to these places. And just, I got, like I’m ready to travel.

And there was a lot surrounding like rules about, I didn’t have enough money to all this stuff. And then my mom said, Kristen, Kristen. There’s so many people out there that are just, you know, thankful to be able to pay their bills. And I’m like, so basically I’m being told that I should just be thankful to be able to pay my bills. And I shouldn’t want more than that, you know, mm-hmm, um, like why do you need to make that much money? That type of thing. So really like starting to notice what your parents say or whoever raised you will be a really big indicator as well of beliefs that you have adapted that are either serving you. Like some people have a very healthy relationship with money and support and all these things. Usually we have some areas that we have a really healthy relationship with or a really limited relationship. Um, but listening to our parents can be that clue if we have a hard time figuring it out for ourselves. And we might not, we might even say, no, I don’t think that though, but it could be under there and we don’t even realize it because it’s all in the subconscious mind, which we’re not fully aware of.

Mm that’s so interesting. So as we are kind of going through the day to day and becoming more aware of these narratives that we’re telling ourselves where we’re saying, oh, I shouldn’t do that. I can’t do that. You know, this basically just creating all of these scenarios for ourselves in which what we want to do. Isn’t possible what, as, as we develop that awareness. And as we kind of examine that and, and sort of sit with it and say, okay, where does this come from? And what does this mean for me? What can we do? Are there actions we can take? Are there ways that we can show ourselves compassion? H how can we start to maybe reframe our relationship with those, those limiting

Beliefs? Yeah. So the first step is just noticing it is the big, first step is noticing it, accepting it. It’s totally fine. We all have them and they’re gonna keep popping up. So we might feel like I thought I worked on this. And then all of a sudden it’s back again. Mm-hmm so it’s totally fine. It’s totally normal recognizing it is the best first step. And then always ask yourself, like, is this actually true? Can I find evidence elsewhere that proves the opposite? Most of the time, none of these things are actually true. There’s always evidence of someone having what we actually wanna have, or having the opposite of, you know, a situation that we’ve like created a rule around. Um, so looking for evidence looking, if, you know, is this thing actually true? And then what do I want to think instead? Or what do I wanna feel instead?

So consciously deciding this is how I wanna think, and this is how I wanna feel now. That’s not gonna be that simple all the time. We can’t always just say, this is my new belief now mm-hmm, , because that’s kind of our conscious mind deciding this is what I wanna believe. It can take time and it could take extra work. This is where NLP can come in handy to a whole nother than regular mindset work, because it’s going past your subconscious mind into the subconscious mind. Our conscious mind actually only makes up 5% of what’s going on in our mind. So if you’re only working on what you’re thinking and what you’re doing, like our actions, the strategy part of our business, then you’re only working with 5%. Whereas if you’re able to work with some subconscious mind techniques, now you’re tapping into that 95%.

And that’s where those beliefs actually live. That’s where our habits live. That’s where like all of our memories and like everything from our past that we might not even be consciously aware of lifts. So in NLP, there’s all different types of techniques, NLP, isn’t the only way it’s just the way that I’ve been taught. Um, and that’s why I’m gonna share it with you. There’s different techniques where we can actually shift a belief from what you are believing now, to what you want to believe. You are able to, with time techniques, you’re able to actually implant a goal into your subconscious mind in the future and kind of normalize it for yourself based on the picture. Our subconscious mind works in like images in pictures, so we can put it in our future actually on our subconscious minds timeline. Does this make any sense, cuz sometimes I feel like I’m talking another language

no, I, I definitely, I mean, I’m, I’m tracking with you. I find it so fascinating. That’s why I’m just over here going mm-hmm yeah, yeah. Just nodding along. So

There’s a lot you can do with NLP work that can really dig in there deep. Um, but it’s just number one, like having the awareness, noticing these things, choosing a different belief that you want to have. Um, and then we’ll get into this, which will be related, related more so to manifestation, but you know, tapping into the vision and the feelings and the experience of what you do want because something, this might just nicely lead into manifestation. Uh, but with manifestation, a lot of the time people are focusing on what they don’t want because they’re frustrated with it. Oh, this client was so frustrating and they didn’t respond to me in this amount of time or they didn’t like anything I did or whatever it is, or focusing on the negative instead of focusing on what we want to create. And so when we can shift where our focus is, um, same things with our beliefs, like what is our focus on? Then we can change what we are, how we’re gonna be feeling really, and then attract more of the things that we’re wanting.

Hmm. I love that. That makes so much sense. So on a day to day basis, uh, what would practicing that, that method of, of incorporating manifestation into the way that we’re showing up in our businesses look like on sort of a day to day basis? Do you think,

I would say a big one is just taking some time to reflect on what you wanna create and you can do this in different ways. Some people like to meditate, journal. Some people like to talk it out. Like you can do like voice journaling. Some people like to think about it, maybe while exercising, like whatever that thing looks like for you, where you carve out space to actually think and reflect on what it is you wanna create because we can get so caught up in the to-do list in all the goals and more so the goals as far as what we need to do, we’re so focused on the, doing all the time in the strategy where we really wanna tap into number one, knowing what we want. If you don’t know what you want, that’s like, step one. then you know, what is that person like?

Who has the things visualize, actually having the thing that you’re wanting to create, whether it’s a certain income level, maybe it’s hiring on a team to help you. Maybe it’s booking a new client or whatever is maybe you wanna buy a thing. Maybe it’s a car or whatever it is. That’s important to you. For me, it’s always like booking my next trip or something, you know, envision and visualize having that thing. And visualizing is really gonna help bring this to life in our mind because we’re creating the feelings of what you’re envisioning and the feelings are really gonna put you in that state. That’s where it comes back to the vibration, like high vibe, blow vibe. It’s putting you in the vibration of having the thing that you wanna create. And when we already have it, it’s just like, it’s already done. It’s, it’s easy.

It’s like nothing. Whereas if we’re wanting it and like kind of needing it, we’re getting in like to the needy feeling, then that’s kind of like a lower level vibration and we’re not gonna be attracting it. Have you ever been on like a console call with someone where they’re like desperate for your business? They put off a very needy vibe. Mm-hmm and that’s not attractive to other people. And when you are coming from a place of already having it, it’s just like more confidence comes from that. You’re gonna feel the best thing you can ever do is feel gratitude for what you are working to create. So when you’re creating the space to reflect on what you want and really kind of visualize having it being grateful, like you can even write down if you want to. I am so grateful for, you know, my six figure year or, you know, my 20 K month or the home that my husband and I bought for our family or whatever it is that you’re working toward.

This doesn’t have to just be business related. This can be anything, um, being grateful for what you have. Cause when you’re grateful, we are assuming we already have it. And so, but then we’re attracting, we’re getting into that state and we can then kind of go about our day and make decisions from that state. It’s like a whole nother way to approach your day. Not that you have to do this in the morning, but I would say I would argue, it’s like optimal because you’re putting yourself in that amazing like feel good state of already having all the things that you want. And then you can approach the day from that state. And you might make different decisions from that place. You know, when you are working with manifestation, you’re always wanting to think about, okay, the per the version of me who already has this thing, I’m just gonna use like the six figure business.

I don’t know. I feel like that’s on everyone’s list at some point , you’ve either been there or you’re working toward it. It’s just a thing. So you might tap into, you know, if I have a six figure business, how would me as the six figure business owner, how would they be thinking, how would I be feeling, what types of things would I be focusing on? What type of skills do I need to have at this level? What, what do I have under my belt that I know how to do? What types of habits or routines would I have? What decisions would I be making? What would I be letting go of? It’s not always about more and more and more. It could be about trimming. What’s no longer serving us, letting go of a lot of things that we need to let go of.

Maybe we’ve held onto services that are no longer aligned price points that are no longer aligned, um, team members. Like there’s so much that we might be holding onto that we need to let go of. So when we can get into that state, we can then approach our day to make decisions and just act in a way that’s more aligned with what we’re working to create. Um, and then beyond that, it sounds complicated, but pretty much it’s like reflect on your goals in whatever way you like, whether meditation, journaling, exercising, whatever that might be, and really visualize already having it. And then also, as you’re just going through your day, have the awareness about what’s going on in your head, kind of like we talked about earlier, where is your focus going? Is it going toward things that you don’t want or is it going toward things that you do want?

And we always wanna be kind of pausing and bringing ourselves back to more positive thoughts, focusing on we on what we want versus what we don’t want. Another thing with this too, is our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the negative word. So an example of this would be, I don’t have to work hard to make more money. That sounds like a great thing. I don’t have to work hard to make more money. What a subconscious mind actually hears is I have to work hard to make more money. Mm. Because it doesn’t hear the don’t. So I always encourage people to rephrase maybe your affirmations or your goals instead what this is, this was mine until I learned better and I was like, oh no. Why have I been training myself this? Um, so then I rephrased that example as the less I work, the more I make mm-hmm so phrase it how you want it. And just notice throughout the day, if there’s little limiting beliefs that come up, awareness is a huge part of all of this. And then kind of just pausing, giving yourself grace and deciding to choose differently. That’s kind of on a day to day level, all the other stuff, as far as NLP work and like all the other stuff you can definitely get into deeper, but this is kind of a great place to start and a great place to incorporate this into your day to day.

Mm. I love that. So as we’re following the advice that you just shared, we’re, we’re, you know, implementing that, that flow and that routine that you walked us through to me with, with what I know and correct me if I’m wrong here, it sounds like once we are clear on what that vision of what we want is, and we are taking action to be that version of ourselves now. And we’re embodying who that person is. Right. If we’re, if we’re paying attention to what kind of, what kind of space that puts us in mentally or emotionally, and if that’s raising our vibe, then it sounds like based on what you shared earlier, we are going to start calling in the law of attraction at some point, because right. Aren’t we focusing on, we are like raising that vibration. We are pursuing that clarity of what we want to manifest. And then at what point does the law of attraction start to come into play?

So the law of attraction is happening or right now, like it doesn’t really it’s, it’s not so much about calling it in because it’s already happening. Mm-hmm, , it’s more so about intentionally using it and being conscious of it because someone could have no idea about any of this and it’s already happening. They’re attracting their reality at all times. So someone who might be in a situation that they don’t like, whether it’s clients that are really frustrating, um, they can’t, they keep hitting an income block, come block, um, like a ceiling with their income. Um, and they might not have any idea about this, their beliefs and their thoughts are already attracting what keeps happening. Mm. So it’s more so about noticing it and intentionally choosing something different for yourself.

Mm. I love that. So it’s, it’s not so much about having to do anything, having to, you know, like take any, any massive amount of action. It’s, it’s something as beautiful and as simple as, as cultivating that awareness and choosing to, to pursue it with intentionality, right?

Yes. And a big thing also with manifestation law of attraction, all of this is that it’s all about how you’re being and why you want it. That’s really what the focus is on while we can be so caught up in the doing and wondering when it’s gonna happen and how it’s gonna happen. A lot of people it’s so easy to get caught up in the how and the, when, cause we wanna know exactly what to do and exactly how it’s gonna play out and exactly when I’m gonna hit that goal, I’m gonna hit this goal by this month or by this year. And we don’t really know the timeline and this can be frustrating especially when we have this goal, I’m just gonna keep using like the income year just to be consistent, to make it easy. Let’s just say the six figure year, right?

We might feel like we did something wrong if we didn’t hit it. But if we’re always tuning in and making decisions out of a place of alignment for ourselves and following our intuition, maybe that’s just, there’s some lessons that we needed to learn before we’re ready. We don’t always know the timeline. If you believe in God or the universe, what, whatever it is that you believe in, I, you know, believe that they know the ultimate timeline for you and we just have to keep following the next step and the next step and the next step with what feels most aligned for us. So it’s not figuring out the how and the, when of course you’re gonna have to make a strategy plan. Uh, but it’s, it’s not so much about putting the pressure on ourselves to meet certain goals in a certain deadline, or to have that launch make a certain amount of money.

You know, maybe you needed to have three failed launches before you’ve really figured it out. Mm-hmm maybe there were some tweaks you really needed to make for your program to be what it really needed to be. There’s always lessons to be learned along the way. So it’s, it’s not so much about avoiding the failures and avoiding things that don’t go, right. That’s all a part of the experience and the process. Um, but we can just have more awareness about where our focus is going and intentionally choose to focus more on what we want and have that awareness to spot those limiting beliefs, because we can do a lot of the noticing what we’re thinking, but the core of all of this underlying, it always comes back to those beliefs underneath.

Mm. That makes so much sense. And I appreciate you clarifying that for us. Now, I know that earlier in our conversation today, you shared this, this piece of advice that actually it was, it was more of a, a, a way of reframing the way that we’re looking at our relationship with manifestation as business owners. And you were saying that, you know, people ask you like, what can I do to get better at this? Or how can I get started with this? So one questions I always love to ask on every single interview that I host here on the podcast comes back to what piece of encouragement or advice you would wanna share to those who are tuning in today, who are ready to take that next step with, with, uh, you know, what we’re talking about. And so knowing that right now, even, even if we have not had the awareness about what we’re manifesting, even if we have not, you know, even thought about this concept before, knowing that we’re already on this journey and we’re already manifesting everything that we’ve experienced in our lives and everything that we’ve built, what kind of encouragement or advice would you share to those who are listening today, who are just wanting to take that next step into having a more intentional journey with manifestation?

I would say a big piece is taking 100% accountability for your life as it is now. Every part of it, we call this, I don’t know if it’s a part of NLP or just a part of my learning thus far, it’s called being at cause for your life. And what this means is that we can kind of blame, oh, well this is happening because of this or because of so, and so it is so empowering, like this is such a positive and amazing thing when you take full accountability and responsibility for every part of your life, because that is gonna put back the power in your hands to then make the changes to create what you actually wanna create. So if there’s any piece that you feel like you want to blame a client for our team member, or we’re just making excuses for why it’s like that really being like, no, how am I at cause for this? Because now, like you are the creative of your life. And instead of being at the whim of other people, now you can create anything you want in any part of your life. And I think it starts there because then we have the confidence to know that we can create the change because we’re not putting the power in anyone else’s hands to create the change, the success, whatever it is that we wanna create in our lives, we know that we can take full accountability and then start to build from there.

Mm that’s such a powerful thought as, as I was hearing you share that encouragement and that advice. I had a question that came to mind that I’d love to kind of talk through with you and really what, what I was wondering is obviously I can see how, when we are taking that responsibility or we’re looking for how we are at, cause for a situation, obviously with the experiences you shared or the examples you shared of like, oh, we were blaming this client because you know, things are challenging or, you know, there’s so many, there’s so many like specifics that we could get into of what that looks like and, and small issues with client relationships or how business is going and things like that. But, um, when it comes to like bigger things, like bigger things that we’re experiencing in our lives that are, um, a part of systems that we experience as humans, or if someone is wrestling with, um, you know, a really hurtful or painful or traumatic experience. Mm-hmm what does, what does that look like in that context?

From there? I would say it’s more about how do I want to respond to this? Mm. Because what came to mind when you were talking about this is just the past two years of COVID and the negative effects that it’s had for many people mm-hmm job losses, um, just family loss are so much that is negative. And it’s like, how can you take responsibility for that? Right. It happened to you mm-hmm , you know, and at that point it’s more so about how do I wanna respond to this? Now you might not have been able to choose how that thing happened to you, but how do you want to go moving forward from this? How are you going to, I don’t like to say react. React is like, there’s no control in when you’re reacting to something. How do you wanna respond? And how do you want to look at the situation? Think about the situation and, and how do you wanna approach how you’re gonna act, how you’re gonna think about it and how you’re gonna be, um, versus staying in the victim mentality.

Right. That makes sense. And I really appreciate you clarifying that, that I I’m totally tracking the thought. So it’s, it’s, it’s more about, you know, when we’re, when we’re in these experiences that are, you know, maybe, uh, due to, uh, a systemic issue or they are completely outside of our individual control or something, you know, very negative or traumatic. It’s not about, it’s not about, you know, trying to somehow take individual responsibility for something that we were not responsible for. Mm-hmm , but it’s instead about choosing how we want to maybe be responsible for our healing or our growth. Is that, is that about right?

Yes. And then always looking for, I always like to ask, what am I here to learn from this? Mm-hmm like, what is this teaching me? There’s so many situations where something terrible has happened to someone and them coming out of that to then teach others how to heal and to help them work through things and to be that inspiration for someone else. You know, if that person hadn’t have experienced that, there wouldn’t be that person to then look up to in a way. Right. Mm-hmm so we can always look at what do, what am I here to learn from this? I always like to ask, how is this serving me? And I probably wanna apply that to certain situations, um, to like more serious situations, but that would be on more of a lower level. Like maybe you’re just in a bad place in your business or something like that. Mm-hmm I always like to ask, how is this serving me? Because there might be lessons that I needed to learn there. Um, and then, yeah, I just think, what, what good can I create then from this

That I love that I, I completely understand, you know, how, how that can show up and how we can think about that through, um, you know, different, different experiences. And I appreciate you sharing all of this with us. I feel like honestly, I could sit here and just, you know, like talk with you about this all after .

I feel like there’s so many other things that I could share. It’s like information overload though.

well, there’s just so much to this. And so I feel like everything we’ve covered today, it is such a great way to start to, you know, dip your toes into the awareness that you have around the law of attraction or the way that you’re showing up with your relationship or, uh, to manifestation or your, your own journey with manifestation and how we can apply that in our businesses. So I know that you were such a wealth of knowledge around these topics and so much more so I know that people are gonna want to be able to get, you know, connect with you and get to follow you online. So where can people go to, uh, follow along with your journey?

So you can find me online@kristenrichards.co and that’s Kristen with an I N richards.co, and then that’s gonna be the website. And then it’s the same thing on Instagram, Kristen richards.co. And that’s going to be the coaching business, all the things that we talked about today, that’s where all of that content lives. And then I also have the design business girl boss designer, um, and that’s pretty much where you can find me

Amazing. And for those who are tuning in today, as always, we’re gonna have all of Kristin’s links included in today’s show notes for this episode. So just go to brand strategy, podcast.com, click on the latest episode link and everything you are looking for will be there. Plus Kristen has so graciously shared with us this incredible freebie that she’s created. It’s her aligned goals, workbook, where she walks you through a process to creating your most aligned goals this year, so that you can scale your creative business while enjoying your life too. So it’s not correct me if I’m understanding this correctly, right? It’s not so much about like typical goal setting. It’s actually about taking an approach to pursuing goals that are in line with what you really want, your deep desires, your vision for your life, right?

Yeah. So much more than I think when we approach as business owners, it like the example that I’ve used for this whole episode, like the six figures let’s go further and like, what other goals do we, why do we actually want that? Like, what are we actually, what is that allowing us to then create in our lives? It’s not actually about the money. Like how do we wanna feel, what do we wanna be doing every day? Sometimes goals are about letting go of things that are no longer there for us. So it’s definitely a different approach to just creating what your next income goal is.

Mm, amazing. Well, friends that link to the aligned goals workbook that Kristen has created will be at brand strategy, podcast.com in the, uh, show notes for today’s episode. And Kristen, thank you so much for not only sharing that resource with us, but also for your time, your knowledge for breaking down such a, a series of complex topics into ways that feel really approachable and applicable to our lives as business owners. I really appreciate

It. Yeah. Well, thank you so much for having me. It’s been fun.

Of course. Absolutely. It’s my pleasure friends. Thank you so much for tuning into today’s episode. I hope that you found this value and you’re walking away with some ideas about how you can begin to, uh, you know, really focus on your journey with regards to manifestation in your own business or even in your life. So if today’s episode resonated with you and you would love to share this with your biz bestie, please do so. The more that we’re able to share messages like this, the more we’re able to pursue are unique definitions of success and normalizing that journey as entrepreneurs. So as always, I appreciate you listening to the podcast. I appreciate your subscription, your, uh, reviews. And I am so grateful for you to be a part of this community. And as always, I’m cheering y’all on from


Thank you so much for joining me today, friend, before you go, I would be so grateful to receive your feedback on the brand strategy podcast. If you enjoyed this episode or the podcast in general has helped you grow your brand. I’d really appreciate it. If you left us a review in iTunes, your positive reviews enable the brand strategy podcast to continue to grow and reach like-minded creatives. Just like you. Thank you for all your support and encouragement as together. We pursue building brands with purpose and intention until next time I’m cheering you on from Waco.

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