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Over my 9+ years as a brand designer and strategist, I’ve been blessed to know and work with hundreds of other talented graphic, brand, and web designers. And do you know what the majority of these talented designers (just like you, sweet friend!) wrestle with the most? The age old question of how to raise […]

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In a culture that glorifies hustling round the clock, sending work/life boundaries to the grave, and not resting until ALL your dreams have come true, I have a bit of an unpopular opinion to share with you: burnout isn’t cute, friend. As someone who has been severely burnt out at different times in my life […]

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Fellow designer, I see you out there hustling your booty off to connect with your ideal clients, nail every sales call, and secure the deal! But does any of this sound familiar? When you send over your pricing or proposal, the lead *poof* disappears You’re constantly receiving reply emails asking if you can do this […]

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My name is Bonnie – I’m a brand designer, strategist, and writer which all adds up to one eclectic conglomeration of qualities that enables me to serve you well! Past clients have dubbed me "the Joanna Gaines of brand design," and I've had more than a few call me a dream maker, a game changer, and a design wizard (my Harry Potter-loving heart didn't hate that one, let me tell you!). At the end of the day, I'm a big-hearted creative who will get teary-eyed as you share the heart behind your business; who will lose sleep over the perfect font pairings and color selections to bring your brand to life visually; and who will work tirelessly to empower, encourage, and equip you to share your work with the world intentionally. 

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