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I see you friend! You’re an established entrepreneur with big dreams to take your business to the next level. You have current strategies in place that, yes, are moving the needle forward, but you know things could be better. You’re dreaming of exponential growth, deep impact through the work that you do and pulling in […]

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Friend, whether you’re aware of this or not, we all experience different mental blocks at one point or another. Experiencing a mental block is hugely common in the creative industry, but it doesn’t have to be an experience that keeps you stuck or holds you back from chasing your dreams. There is one common and […]

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As my business has grown over the last seven years, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to use my time wisely. With multi-faceted offerings I want to spend my time in the best way possible in order to maximize efficiency when I’m in the office and really disconnect at the end of each […]

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Writing sales pages that authentically convert with your ideal clients can often feel like a massive mystery. You know there’s a “right” way to do it, but what is that right way? How do you know if your sales pages are actually converting? HINT: you should be getting clients from them! So how can you […]

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Have you heard the big news yet?! My sweet friend and business coach, Shanna Skidmore, is throwing a farewell tour-style celebration and JUST announced the incredible opportunity to work with her for the very last time ever in 2019 and beyond. And, I’m joining in on the fun with a *special* fun bonus just for […]

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I'm Bonnie -- a brand designer + strategist, industry educator, wife, and pet parent to the most rambunctious golden retriever this side of the Mason-Dixon! I'm passionate about building authentic brands, encouraging small business owners to chase their dreams, and spreading joy through design. It's a delight to have you here, lovely! Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a comfy chair and stay a while, won't you?

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