Episode 112 – How to Up-Level Your Offerings with Sarah Erickson

August 21, 2019

How to Up-Level Your Offerings with Sarah Erickson on the Brand Strategy Podcast | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #podcast

Friend I’m so excited to welcome you to today’s episode of the Brand Strategy Podcast. I’m chatting with my sweet friend and Heartfelt Brand Society alumni, Sarah Erickson, on how to up-level your offerings.

Sarah is a graphic designer in love with typographic elements and refined details. She creates custom brands and website designs for creative entrepreneurs, crafted with strategy and intention. Sarah can usually be found in her home studio, nestled among a dozen plants with her nose in a sketchbook… and a cup of tea (or glass of wine) forever within reach.

Now, I’ve had the honor to walk alongside Sarah over the last six-months through my signature group coaching and mastermind experience, the Heartfelt Brand Society.

And over the last six months I’ve seen Sarah navigate a big pivot not only in her business, but I’ve seen her continually up-level her offerings, consistently book clients at her highest price point and generally invite them into an elevated level of service and experience time and time again.

So I couldn’t think of a better person to have on the show to share her journey, her own experience and how she made this happen.

How to Up-Level Your Offerings with Sarah Erickson

Show Notes

2:30 – Sarah’s journey and how to elevate her offerings

5:00 – How to recognize the value in yourself and what you offer your clients

7:00 – The big pivot in Sarah’s business

8:30 – Goals you should keep in mind when up-leveling your offerings


10:00 – Choosing rest in your business and how that can impact your bottom line

11:40 – How to raise your prices by up-leveling your value to the people you’re serving 

15:00 – The emotional work to have the confidence to know your valuable and your work is valuable


17:30 – The power of in-person community and how it can show you value in your work

18:45 – Write down all the steps of communication you do with your clients from beginning to end of working together

20:30 – Communicating your value to your prospective client: serving not selling

24:00 – Allowing your past clients to speak your value for you and up-leveling your client experience


27:00 – Ask yourself: is there any overlap in where you are now and where you want to go?

29:30 – How to lean on the connections you already have to up-level your offerings

30:15 – How to pitch your value to your ideal clients

32:30 – Overcoming the fear of pitching yourself


36:30 – Encouragement to those hopeful to up-leveling their offerings

38:30 – There are people out there who see your value and are willing to invest in you

How to elevate your offerings with this free six-page interactive guide with prompts that help you walk through this process and come out the other side with clarity moving forward. 

Grab your freebie here! 

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Website: www.sarahanndesign.co

Instagram: @sarahann_design

Freebie: How to elevate your offerings

Apply for the Heartfelt Brand Society


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How to Up-Level Your Offerings with Sarah Erickson on the Brand Strategy Podcast | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #podcast
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