Episode 114 – 3 blocks that are holding you back from elevating your brand

September 11, 2019

3 blocks holding you back from elevating your brand and how to fix them. Episode 114 of the Brand Strategy Podcast with Bonnie Bakhtiari. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #podcast

Hi friends, I’m so excited to welcome you to today’s episode of the Brand Strategy Podcast where we’re diving in with a little tough love specifically for my fellow entrepreneurs who’ve been dreaming of elevating their brands—but are feeling a block when it comes to taking that next step.

Today, I want to walk you through the three biggest blocks that are unintentionally holding you back from elevating your brand and reaping all the benefits of what that investment brings.

3 blocks that are holding you back from elevating your brand

and reaching your goals

Over the past seven years as a brand designer and strategist, I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of creatives just like you who are in active seasons of growth within their businesses.

In this episode, I’m sharing the two kinds of entrepreneurs I most often work with and the common block holding them back from achieving their goals.

So be sure to grab a second cup of coffee and let’s get to it.


3:00 – The kind of success you can achieve if you have a clear strategic foundation

3:45 – What is standing in your way?

Block #1

4:45 – Being fearful of the initial investment in yourself

6:30 – Believe in yourself and that you’re worth it

7:15 – The importance of your branding to propel you into heartfelt new heights

9:00 – How to make wise financial investments 

11:15 – Questions to ask yourself before investing in yourself


12:00 – You’re looking at what everyone else is doing

13:30 – Create a brand with your truest intentions in mind

14:45 – Put on your blinders and get honest with what your most elevated brand would look like


15:45 – You’re not prioritizing your own business

17:30 – If you have the best intentions and want to elevate your brand but you’re not taking action—then it might be time to ask yourself if you’re putting everyone else’s needs above your own…

19:30 – Be brave enough to believe you’re worth it

20:15 – Get out of your own way

I hope you feel encouraged sweet friend and that your head is spinning with big, bold dreams of what your future could look like for your brand.

I’m excited to share I have a handful of openings left in my own brand design calendar for 2019.

So if you’ve been dreaming of up-leveling your brand with true intention, crafting something that’s founded on powerful brand strategy, then I’d love to chat with you more. To schedule a complimentary consult call where I can learn more about you, your goals, your vision and how I can serve you well in your journey, click here!

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