3 mentalities holding you back from your first 6-figure year

October 1, 2019

Earlier last month I hopped on some incredible interest calls with applicants for my signature six-month group coaching program, the Heartfelt Brand Society. And coincidentally I heard so many common themes on those calls. One of the goals I kept hearing over and over again was that some of the women were ready to make this the season they hit their first 6-figure year.

And let me just say, I’m so honored to walk alongside these incredible women over the next six months as they take brave action on those bright bold goals—whatever those goals may be.

3 mentalities holding you back from your first 6-figure year. | b is for bonnie design #brandstrategy #entrepreneur

3 mentalities holding you back from your first 6-figure year

Now, before I talk you through why hitting 6-figures hasn’t happened for you yet. I want us to have an honest conversation about why this matters. I’m a big believer that profit is not a bad thing.

Because at the end of the day, if our businesses aren’t profitable, then I hate to break it to you but we’re just having really expensive hobbies. Right?

Instead I want to challenge you to view profit as a tool. If you’re able to earn more, I believe you’re able to do more good things in your life and the lives of those around you.

Over the years I’ve chatted with so many entrepreneurs about how to make that 6-figure dream a reality and I’ve heard some really common self-imposed blocks that are holding so many people back from taking this action on their own.

So friend, if you’ve ever felt yourself stuck when it comes to making a profit within your  business, especially to the tune of 6- or 7-figures, these are the three mentalities that are unintentionally holding you back.

Mentality #1: You think profit=greed

The first mentality holding you back from having your first 6-figure year is that you think profit equals greed.

Sweet friend, profit does not necessarily equal greed.

Profit is a tool that can allow you to better provide for your family and others. It’s a tool that allows you to give back to your community and to help you live the life you want to live.

Maybe that’s a debt-free life.

Maybe that’s a life of travel.

Maybe that’s a life of generosity.

Whatever life you dream of living, money can be a positive asset in your experience that allows you to hit those goals.

So many of the woman inside the Heartfelt Brand Society are dreaming of making the 2019-2020 season the time period in which they hit their first 6-figure year, and not just because they want to make more money for the sake of money. Instead, they’re dreaming of earning more so they can pay off debt, buy a house, take their families on vacation, or grow a team. 

They have these incredible goals of how they can use that money as a resource to pour back into their lives and that’s why I’m fired up to show them how they can make this possible.

Mentality #2: You think you need #allthethings

The second mentality holding you back is that you think you need to do all the things in order to earn more. 

Now if you believe that in order to hit 6-figures you need to have 20+ clients in the books, a course, an additional product, plus many more things—then you’re unintentionally filling your plate in a way that’s keeping you from hitting your first 6-figure year.


Because instead of pouring more of your energy into your most profitable streams of revenue, you’re scattering all of your energy amongst all of your minimally profitable streams of revenue. 

Now, that’s not a knock on your services or offerings. I believe that everything you do has the potential to earn you an exponential amount of money, but if you’re only pouring a percentage of your energy into your highest stream of revenue, how are you ever going to expect it to produce a massive return for you?

If you are thinking you need to do more—have more clients, offer more services, introduce more products, etc.—I believe that’s going to keep you from pouring the most of your time and energy into what can convert for you the best.

Instead of thinking that your plan to hit 6-figures requires five different streams of revenue, sit down and think about what it would look like to hit that audacious financial number through only one or two simple streams of revenue. 

How many clients would you need?

What would you need to charge?

What would that look like?

I believe that all of a sudden you will see so much more growth and so much more return on the investment of your time if you’re being more strategic with what you’re offering.

P.S. If you’re a designer who is dreaming of hitting your first 6-figure year and you’re ready to dive into how to make that happen, be sure to head over to my totally free masterclass specifically for designers and strategists about How to Triple your Income without Taking on More Branding Clients. 


The third and final mentality holding you back from making your first 6-figure year is that you believe 6-figures is an accomplishment reserved for someone else.

You believe that in order to hit 6-figures you “need” 5+ years experience in business, or you “need” to hit a certain level of success, or you “need” titles to your name like coach, speaker, and educator.

Friend, we need to stop that thinking right in its tracks.

I believe that anyone with a clear plan, a powerful product or service, and with a dedication to do the work, can hit their financial goals—whatever those financial goals may be.

You do not have to have a certain number of years in business.

You can earn 6+ figures within your first six months of business. And I know because I’ve seen others do it.

You can hit your first 6-figure year without being a coach, without being an educator, and without having a podcast because all it takes in order to hit that number is having a quality product that truly fits into your ideal client’s life.

You can absolutely hit your goals right where you are in your current season of life, but you first have to free yourself of these self-limiting mindsets that are getting in your way, clouding your  vision, and making it impossible for you to see how you can make that happen.


You see friend, your first 6-figure year isn’t reserved for someone else. You are worthy of it, too. If you’re ready to get past these mental blocks and step into the belief that money is a resource that allows you to pour back into your life and the lives around you then I’d love to invite you to join the next round of the Heartfelt Brand Society where we will take a deep dive into your goals and vision for the future.

I’m so fired up to show others how they can make this possible through my six-month group coaching program.

The Heartfelt Brand Society is designed to equip you with the tools, accountability, and strategies you need to leverage your brand and bring your dreams to life!

Doors are currently closed, but I encourage you to add your name to the waitlist below to be the first to know when doors will reopen and to receive details about how the current students inside the Heartfelt Brand Society are chasing after their big, bold dreams and how you can, too!

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