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May 16, 2023

Over the last decade in the brand design industry, I’ve created an intentional inventory of resources for fellow graphic, brand, and web designers to grow purposeful, profitable businesses thoughtfully. Growing a design business that generates the revenue you want or need, all while honoring the quality of life you want to experience, doesn’t happen by accident. And the design industry can often feel secretive and full of gatekeeping which makes finding the resources and support you need even more challenging at times.

But over here in my corner of the internet, I’m committed to sharing what I’ve learned along my journey to building a multi-six figure design business that currently allows me to work under 10 hours a week (all without a huge team!) Whether you’re dreaming of taking your brand new freelance design business full-time or you’re an established designer looking to scale with intention, there’s something for you here.

In today’s post, I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite and most popular posts in recent years especially for my fellow graphic, brand, and web designers. Below, I’m covering everything from getting new design clients to pricing for profit to elevating your client experience like a pro! If one of those topics would serve you well, friend, keep scrolling for more.

Lead Generation/Getting Design Clients

From booking your first design client to generating revenue on demand like a pro, lead generation as a graphic, brand, or web designer requires some thoughtfulness and intentional strategy. Here are a few of my best tips and strategies on this topic:

  1. Looking for your next design client? Then look no further! I’m sharing my go-to tips to find your first or next design client right here.
  2. Sometimes you need to be able to generate cash on demand whenever you want it or need it. And I’ve got you covered with 5 ways to generate fast cash as a designer.
  3. If you’re just getting started as a designer and you aren’t quite sure where to generate your first client inquiries, this post is especially for you.
  4. One of the biggest struggles I hear amongst fellow designers is how to find clients who will value your expertise and won’t object to your higher priced services. Well, I’m breaking down just how to find these dreamy ideal clients right here.

Business Design

Growing a thoughtful and profitable design business requires a certain amount of intention in your internal processes, your business structure, and more. From CRMs to client contracts to prioritizing internal growth when you’re up to your eyeballs in client work, these posts are here to help:

  1. My go-to tools for brand designers to make running your business a breeze.
  2. 4 ways to prioritize internal growth in your design business without taking time away from your client projects
  3. Feeling a little burnt out or lacking the inspiration you need? Then let’s chat about tending to your creativity as a designer! Here are 6 places I like to visit to find inspiration as a designer.

Client Experience

Growing your most thoughtful design business is an opportunity to weave care and intention into your client experience. From how you make your clients feel throughout your project timeline to how you structure each project to empower you to do your best work, check out some of my best resources on this topic below:

  1. Struggling with creating clear boundaries with your design clients? Here’s how to fix that.
  2. Curious to see how more boundaries may actually be the key to taking your design business to heartfelt new heights? This recent episode of the Brand Strategy Podcast shares how boundaries can help you grow a more profitable design business.
  3. Gathering quality feedback from clients isn’t always an intuitive process. So here’s how to get quality feedback from your design clients like a pro.
  4. Long after your wrap up a client project, your client will remember how you made them feel throughout the entire process. And surprise and delight marketing can be such a powerful way to design a memorable client experience every step of the way! Tune into this episode of the podcast for the full scoop.

Pricing, Profit & Offer Suites

Intentionally growing your design business means that you’re generating the amount of revenue and profit that allows you to reach your personal goals. Whether that’s six-figures a year or four figures per month, you get to decide what financial success looks like to you. And once you figure out what that goal is, here’s a roundup of resources to help you get there:

  1. Value based pricing for designers. I will practice this pricing method until I retire!
  2. Creating revenue on-demand in your design business.
  3. How designers can keep more profit without burning out. This podcast episode with guest Kady Sandel is well worth a listen!
  4. What’s keeping you from reaching six-figures in your design business.

Looking for more?

Although I could certainly keep going, in an effort to ensure this isn’t the longest blog post ever, let me point you to where you can continue to check out the decade’s worth of content here on the blog and over on the podcast! You can explore all the design-related content on the blog and podcast right here. Or, you can check out my hub exclusively for graphic, brand, and web designers right here. Did I mention it’s all for free? 🎉

Cheers to growing your most purposeful and profitable design business, friend! I’m over here cheering you on from Waco.

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